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The in-store service experience is now online. Get good, honest, practical advice, wherever you are.

Need a hand to decide what to buy? You could read 2,478 online reviews. Or you could ask our Shopsmiths.

Shopsmiths is a service for online shoppers. If you’ve got burning questions about any products you're looking to buy, you no longer need to ask the internet, your know-it-all nephew, or that bloke from the pub.

Our dedicated team of specialists are standing by to help you with honest, practical advice. You don't even need to leave your house... Or bach... Or office, for that matter.

Ask for a Shopsmith and we'll get in touch with the know-how you need. We can send you an email, or give you a buzz and have a yarn, wherever you are. Even when you’re shopping online, nothing beats good old-fashioned service.

OLED? QLED? UHD? 4K? I just want a T...V…

OLED? QLED? UHD? 4K? I just want a T...V…

Cut through the TV jargon with a helping hand from our Shopsmiths.

Top loader? Front loader? Load on your mind?

Top loader? Front loader? Load on your mind?

Don’t know what’s up from down with washing machines? Our Shopsmiths are here to take the load off.

Torquezone? Powerband? Kulkote?

Torquezone? Powerband? Kulkote?

Whatever happened to soft, medium and firm? Don't lose sleep over indecipherable bed specs. Our Shopsmiths make finding your ideal bed a dream come true.

Here's how it works

1. Ask for a Shopsmith

1. Ask for a Shopsmith

Get it off your chest. Your burning product questions, we mean. Fill out a few details to let us know what you're shopping for, and we'll pair you up with the best Shopsmith to help with your particular purchase.

2. Meet your Shopsmith

2. Meet your Shopsmith

Now for the fun part. Your personal Shopsmith will get in touch to give you the kind of service you're used to only getting in-store. One-on-one support to solve your questions is on its your inbox. Or phone. Whichever you choose.

3. Take your pick

3. Take your pick

Choose from your Shopsmith's personalised recommendations, then just pay online securely. Your Shopsmith can even tee up delivery to your door or Click & Collect from your local store, finance, installation, and more. Just ask. Easy.

All your questions, answered.

"What kind of questions can I ask a Shopsmith?"

We can’t help you decide what to have for tea, but we can help you find a dinner table. Our dedicated team of expert Shopsmiths are here to answer all your burning questions on those products you’ve been eyeing up.

Perhaps you’re wanting something specific but don’t know where to start. That’s ok, too. Our expert Shopsmiths have the product know-how to point you in the right direction. We’re about honest, practical advice – even when you’re shopping online.

"I have a business and I’d like some help finding some products I need for my business. Can your Shopsmiths help with commercial or trade enquiries?"

Absolutely. No job is too big or small for our Shopsmiths. We've even got a dedicated bunch of Commercial Shopsmiths. No matter whether you're shopping for yourself or for a business, if you need product advice, we've got a Shopsmith who can help.

"I have a question about an existing order. Can a Shopsmith help me with this?"

No, sorry. That’s a question a Shopsmith can’t answer. Our team of expert Shopsmiths are dedicated to helping customers with those tricky product questions. Our friendly Customer Support team are the best people to help with any questions you have about an existing order. Get in touch here.

"I’ve sent in a Shopsmith request. How long will it take for me to hear back from someone?"

Our Shopsmiths are on the job from 8am-8pm. If you’ve asked for a Shopsmith during these hours, you can expect us to be in touch ASAP. As a rough guide, we’ll aim to have an answer for you no more than 3 hours after you’ve sent in your Shopsmith enquiry. Usually, it’s much sooner than that.

If you’ve contacted us outside our service hours of 8am-8pm, or just before our Shopsmith service closes for the day, we’ll prioritise your enquiry for the next business day. Hold tight.

"I work during the day and I can’t take calls while I’m at work. Can I still use Shopsmith?"

Of course you can! We’ll drop you a note by email instead. If you’d prefer a call – no worries, just let us know and we'll give you a bell. Whatever works for you, works for us. Unless that’s by telegram. We’re old-school, but not that old-school.

"I only have one product question. Am I still able to use Shopsmith?"

You sure can. As long as your question is about a product you’re eyeing up, one of our Shopsmiths will be able to give you a hand.

"I’m having issues setting up a product I’ve bought recently. Can a Shopsmith help me with this?"

No, sorry. While our Shopsmiths can answer most product questions, that’s something they can’t help with. You’ll need to chat to our team in-store or speak to our friendly Customer Support team. They’ll be happy to help. Another safe bet is to look at the manufacturer’s website for any handy info on your specific product.

"What about product warranties. Can a Shopsmith help me with this?"

It depends. If you’re eyeing up a product but want to know more about the product warranty before you purchase, our Shopsmiths will be able to give you the information you need.

If you’ve already purchased a product from us and you’d like to talk about your warranty, please reach out to our Customer Support team. They’re the best team to help with these kind of warranty questions.

"If I use Shopsmiths, does that mean I need to buy something?"

No, not all. Our Shopsmiths are ready to help answer any product questions you may have. We’re about old-school service. Not pushy sales.

"Does it cost to use your Shopsmith service?"

Nope. Our Shopsmith service is completely free. We want to provide the in-store experience, online. Or on the phone, for that matter. Whichever contact method you choose, Shopsmith is a completely free service. Ask us anything. Well…almost anything.

"Can I complete a purchase through Shopsmith?"

Yes, you sure can. Your Shopsmith can manage the purchase process from end-to-end if that’s what you want to do. No pressure, though. We’re big on advice – not pushy on sales.

"If I buy through a Shopsmith, can I still earn Airpoints Dollars™?"

Absolutely.Your Shopsmith can help sort you out with any Airpoints DollarsTM you’re entitled to.

"If I purchase an item through a Shopsmith, can I still use Click & Collect?"

Yes – you’re most welcome to pop in-store to pick up your item. If you’re after delivery, we can arrange that, too.

"What about finance? Can I make a Shopsmith purchase using finance options?"

We have two finance options available. Interest free finance and EasyCard. Credit criteria and T&Cs do apply. Your Shopsmith can explain the application process to you – just ask them.