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9 Products Available
Segway W1 Drift E-Skates $769.00
SKU: 9054914 Quick View

The latest global craze is self-balancing E-Skates, and Segway manufactures the highest quality models in the market.

Product Warning
1. Whenever you ride this product you risk injury or death from loss of control, collisions and falls.
2. Wear an approved helmet and other protective gear to minimize any possible injury.
3. Before riding this product, carefully read the user manual, watch the safety video, and follow the New Rider Tutorial on the App.
4. Max payload must not exceed 220 lbs/ 100kg.
5. The manufacturer recommends riders be 6+ years old.
6. Always comply with local traffic rules and road regulations.

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JCM Saltwater FC Baja Runner $7.00
SKU: 9054925 | Supplier Code: 21-754 Quick View

Remarkable salt water fuel propulsion technology. A few drops of salt water and magnesium "fuel" generate a new form of clean energy. Learn about new forms of clean energy. Be awed by the remarkable simplicity and effectiveness of this energy technology.

Operates for 5-7 hours continuously.
Ages 8+

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Iron Man Mk50 Interactive Robot $459.00
SKU: 9057749 | Supplier Code: 3010000034 Quick View

Play as Tony Stark and suit up in the iconic MK50 armor to play through a series of nanotech weapon field tests and battles designed by FRIDAY. This walking, talking Iron Man Robot is your portal into the events after Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. Start by downloading the free app for iOS or Android to start the adventure with Augmented Reality Missions, where users can battle drones inspired from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Complete Augmented Reality (AR) Missions to build your Iron Man MK50 Robot’s arsenal in the free, downloadable app.

The Iron Man MK50 Robot utilizes custom patrol capabilities with added audio and light reactions utilized with cutting edge light sensor technology

Use a mobile device to control the Iron Man MK50 Robot’s motors, lights, and sound. Select specific phrases or upload your own face and even record audio phrases to become a superhero.

Customize the Iron Man MK50 Robot by building unique sequences using block-based programming for one of a kind adventures.

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Playsteam Rocket Launcher $30.00
SKU: 9055604 | Supplier Code: XP00401 Quick View
Playsteam Robot Spiral Factory $30.00
SKU: 9055603 | Supplier Code: XP00501 Quick View

Reuse your favourite softdrink can and hire then as your factory worker! Once give the robot a pen (not included), you can then instruct it to create various amazing spiral art designs & patterns.

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Playsteam Atmosphere Turbo Racer $30.00
SKU: 9055602 | Supplier Code: XP00801 Quick View

No batteries required. Build your own air powered racer. It is an all in one science learning kit for atmospheric pressure.

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Easy Days Quoits Game $27.00
SKU: 9055448 | Supplier Code: ODQUOITS Quick View

The classic game of Quoits is an enjoyable game for the whole family. A great way to bring hours of entertainment.

Quoits - Wooden
Rope Rings - Jute

5 Stake Quoits
4 Rope Rings
Carry Bag

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Easy Days Connect 4 Game $67.00
SKU: 9055449 | Supplier Code: OD4INR Quick View

For all game lovers. Play anytime anywhere.

* Wooden
* Large 56 x 20 x 50cm
* 18 Yellow + 18 Red Disks (65Dia x 9mm)
* Handy carry case for disks and feet of board

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Easy Days Toddler Wooden Animal Croquet Set $14.97
SKU: 9055445 | Supplier Code: ODCROQA Quick View

easy days Toddler Wooden Animal Croquet set; 4 Animal Hoops (Elephant, Lion, Frog & Giraffe) 13.8 x 8 x 18cm; 4 Mallets 42.5 x 9 x 2.5cm; 2 Balls 4cm diameter

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