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27 Products Available
Boggie Board eWriter Magic Sketch $50.00
SKU: 9064572 | Supplier Code: BBJ3MS60001 Quick View

With the exciting new Colour burst technology it will keeps kids interested for hours!

See through screen makes it great for tracing - Study maths, practice letters, trace your favorite comic book heroes and more!

Perfect for long car rides. The case and LCD are made from durable plastic materials.

Liquid crystal screen that writes just like pen or paper and erases with the touch of a button & Includes 4 stylus and 18 stencils

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6 in 1 Modular Smart Vehicle Kit $89.00
SKU: 9061276 | Supplier Code: 1802 Quick View
  • Build & remix smart vehicles
  • Drone + Hovercraft + Turboprop + Tnke + Gyrobot + Tank
  • Battery: 3.7V / 200MAH
  • Playing Time: >6 MIN
  • Charging Time: 30-60 MIN
  • Control Distance: 30 M
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Fighting Robots $59.99
SKU: 9061263 | Supplier Code: 174820 Quick View

Control your Robot with the included remotes - battle against your opponent to beat him in hand-to-hand combat!
Excellent Sound Effects & voice feedback.
After five strikes the opponent robot goes into temporary shut down mode.
Takes both AA Batteries in the remotes & Rechargeables preinstalled in the robots

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Remote Control Mini Offroad Super Fast Buggy $24.99
SKU: 9061265 | Supplier Code: 208055 Quick View

Mini Offroad Super Fast RC Buggy 1:40 Speeds up to 25 kph, 2.4Ghz removeable chassis, excellent suspension, rechargeable (comes with USB charging cord) car and requires 2 x AA batteries (not included) for the remote

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ATV Remote Control Motorcycle (Assorted) $30.00
SKU: 9064567 | Supplier Code: ZY495472 Quick View

1:12 Four-way pioneer ATV off-road remote control motorcycle (including electricity) (Orange or Blue - Assorted)

This product is available in assorted characters which are each sold separately and may vary when purchasing online.

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Super Gallop Euro Racing Car (Assorted) $25.00
SKU: 9064578 | Supplier Code: 698CW Quick View

Super Gallop EURO-STYLE 1:14 Racing Car Large sized RC Car : Comes in Bright Racing Colours & good RC Car performance means this is exceptional value for money! Also comes in eye-catching packaging.

This product is available in assorted characters which are each sold separately and may vary when purchasing online.

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Short Car Off Roader Car (GREEN) $35.00
SKU: 9064576 | Supplier Code: HB-LD1803 Quick View
Steam Education
LittleBits Rule Your Room Kit $197.00
SKU: 9054852 | Supplier Code: 3642098 Quick View

Winner of 15 awards & gift guides, the Rule Your Room Kit empowers your kids to transform any boring old object into an awesome, interactive invention. They'll have so much fun, they won't even realize they're gaining STEM/STEAM skills for the future.

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Short Car Off Roader Car (SILVER) $35.00
SKU: 9064577 | Supplier Code: HB-LD1802 Quick View
Steam Education
Circuit Scribe Basic Kit $67.00
SKU: 9054848 | Supplier Code: 4028651 Quick View

The Basic Kit is an entry level kit with a full-size pen, light outputs, and so much more! Explore basic circuit concepts like conductivity and work up to creating two kinds of blinking circuits using both the blinker circuit module and hand-drawn momentary switches.

The Basic Kit comes with an Inventor's Notebook with an overview on how to use the kit and 8 pages of circuit drawing projects. Our Basic Kit Plus contains a workbook with 27 pages of lessons that works through resistance, elements in parallel and series, open circuits and short-circuits, and drawing electrical circuits.

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Steam Education
Strawbees Imagination Kit $67.00
SKU: 9054854 | Supplier Code: 4124837 Quick View

Practice storytelling and problem-solving challenges with the Imagination Kit. Included are 400 pieces, a Pocketful of Ideas card deck, and an imagination sketchbook with instructions. Sketch a solution to a challenge, build a prototype, and watch your ideas come to life!

*The colour of the Strawbees and the construction straws might vary.

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Steam Education
Strawbees Quirkbot Coding & Robotic Kit $137.00
SKU: 9054857 | Supplier Code: 4028723 Quick View

The Quirkbot makes your Strawbees creations come to life. Together, they are the worlds best combination for engineering to programming progression. By learning how to code, you can make a banana piano, an interactive bridge, or make your wearables light up. The Coding & Robotics kit includes Strawbees, servos, light sensors, LEDs and the Quirkbot itself.

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Steam Education
Strawbees Maker Kit $17.00
SKU: 9054856 | Supplier Code: 4028719 Quick View

Find the maker in you! The Maker kit is the perfect introduction to building with Strawbees. With 200 pieces and an instruction manual with 16 projects, you can start exploring the Strawbees universe by building geometric shapes or your favorite animal.

*The colour of the Strawbees and the construction straws might vary.

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Steam Education
Strawbees Crazy Scientist Kit $97.00
SKU: 9054853 | Supplier Code: 4028721 Quick View

Build bigger with your friends! The Crazy Scientist kit upgrades your building experience with 1200 pieces and an instruction manual for 21 projects. Make a morphing arm to extract moon rocks or a geodesic dome base for your next scientific space mission.

*The colour of the Strawbees and the straws might vary.

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Steam Education
Circuit Scribe Conductive Ink Pen $17.00
SKU: 9055142 | Supplier Code: 4028695 Quick View

Our flagship conductive ink pen is now available alone! Order pens as replacements to use in your Circuit Scribe kits. Draw on any surface a rollerball pen will write on. The Circuit Scribe conductive ink pen can draw 60-200 meters depending on writing surface and speed (60 meters on absorbent surfaces like a napkin, and 200+ meters on photo paper). Photo paper also has other benefits: you can erase ink by scratching a trace away, and you also get the highest conductivity on this surface (

1 Pen Dimensions: .5 x .5 x 6.25 in | .003 lbs

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Steam Education
Strawbees Inventor Kit $47.00
SKU: 9054855 | Supplier Code: 4028720 Quick View

Level up with the Inventor kit! Dive into the next iteration and make bigger polyhedra or a catapult. With 450 pieces and 21 fun maker projects, you’ll have enough pieces to start inventing larger projects with your friends!

*The colour of the Strawbees and the construction straws might vary.

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Steam Education
Circuit Scribe - Mini Kit (5 Pack) $47.00
SKU: 9054849 | Supplier Code: 4028653 Quick View

The Circuit Scribe Mini Kit is an accessible introduction to electronics featuring a compact version of our conductive ink pen. This affordable mini circuit module kit guides you along exploration of basic circuit concepts by drawing conductive doodles & creating paper-based switches with a mini ink pen.

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Road Rippers 5" Rush & Rescue (Assorted) $15.99
SKU: 9064573 | Supplier Code: 20230 Quick View

Be part of the rush to the rescue with these mini versions of popular rescue vehicles. These push-powered vehicles include lights and realistic sounds for a truely fun play experience.

Features: Try Me Package: 3 x Button Cell Batteries included

This product is available in assorted characters which are each sold separately and may vary when purchasing online.

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Steam Education
Circuit Scribe Super Kit $97.00
SKU: 9055143 | Supplier Code: 4312020 Quick View

The Super Kit contains a full-size pen and modules that introduce more advanced concepts, including light & sound to take your circuit sketches to the next level!

This electronics kit for students allows you to explore conductivity & touch-sensitive circuits, and to build your understanding of inputs, outputs, and signal processing in your circuits. Additional topics to explore in the guided workbook include light sensing, drawing circuits, timed circuits, piezoelectric materials, and more.

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Steam Education
Circuit Scribe Ultra Kit $147.00
SKU: 9054850 | Supplier Code: 4312021 Quick View

Everything you need to create dynamic and fun paper circuits that light up, sound off, or move! Explore concepts like conductivity, touch-sensitive circuits, timed circuits and more, all in the guided workbook.

Plus, with the included Connector Cables you can connect your paper circuits to an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Makey Makey (not included) and start coding. With the Ultra Kit, you can make complex, hand-drawn circuits while still using our accessible Circuit Scribe technology.

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