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10 Products Available
Dimplex Mini Cube Portable Electric Fire Heater
SKU: 7525439 | Supplier Code: MINICUBE - B Quick View

This unique and charming electric fire adds warmth and pizazz to any room. The clean, modern lines are highlighted by the gloss finish and louvered front panel. Realistic flames rise up from a glowing coal bed, providing cozy ambience year-round.

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Goldair Electronic Control Wi-Fi Ecosave Panel Heater - GEC0270 $249.00
SKU: 9047750 | Supplier Code: GEC0270 Quick View

Ecosave panel heaters use convection and radiant technology to draw cold air in and radiate warm air out, using less electricity than other room heaters. Wall mounted and light-weight, they are easy to install and have a paintable surface to match any decor. They are very economical, while other heaters can use up to 2000 watts, the eco panel only uses 425 watts.

Goldair app uses your home Wi-Fi connection (does not operate on 3G or 4G internet connections). App is supported only on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channels; please ensure your phone is 2.4GHz capable. App available for download from your device's app store.

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Goldair 1500W Micathermic Heater GMH210 $219.00
SKU: 9024842 | Supplier Code: GMH210 Quick View

Micathermic panel heaters combine technology from convection and reflective heating to efficiently heat air and surfaces. The faster a heater can bring a room up to tempertaure, the less power it uses, making it more eco-friendly.

A micathermic heater will usually reach its maximum heat output within 60 seconds. They are also popular because of their quiet operation and have no glowing parts, making them really safe to use.

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Goldair 1800W Upright Fan Heater GFH235 $49.99
SKU: 9021569 | Supplier Code: GFH235 Quick View

Fan heaters are cost effective personal heaters designed to provide instant heat for smaller spaces. Some fan heaters feature adjustable thermostats, timers and safety tilt switches.

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Dimplex Energy Control System Panel Heater Receiver - NCU2R $69.00
SKU: 9039908 | Supplier Code: NCU2R Quick View

This receiver is part of the Energy Control System and receives a signal from the HUB

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Goldair 1800W Electronic Fan Heater - GCH350 $99.99
SKU: 9047749 | Supplier Code: GCH350 Quick View

The GCH350 features 2 heat settings, an adjustable thermostat and 1800W through a safe and efficient ceramic heating block. With a power indicator light, oscillating function, safety tilt switch and overheat protection you'll have both convenient heating where you want it, and peace of mind.

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Goldair 5 Fin Oil Column Heater GOC155 $159.00
SKU: 9021619 | Supplier Code: GOC155 Quick View

The GOC155 provides everything you would expect from a Goldair oil column heater - 3 heat settings, adjustable thermostat, safety tilt switch, overheat protection and castors.

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Nobo Castor Set $49.00
SKU: 8037152 | Supplier Code: FS40 Quick View
Goldair 11 Fin Oil Column Heater GOC1511 $219.00
SKU: 9021601 | Supplier Code: GOC1511 Quick View

The GOC1511 provides everything you would expect from a Goldair oil column heater - 3 heat settings, adjustable thermostat, safety tilt switch, overheat protection and castors.

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Goldair 1500W Mechanical Panel Heater - GPH350 $229.00
SKU: 9024845 | Supplier Code: GPH350 Quick View

A slim line panel heater suitable for wall mounting or to be freestanding on castors. The GPH350 features 2 heat settings and an adjustable thermostat.

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