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Heating & Cooling

Warm up with a heater; cool down with a fan or do both with a heat pump. Everything you need to stay warm, cool or dry.

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Goldair Electronic Control Wi-Fi Ecosave Panel Heater - GEC0270
SKU: 9047750 | Supplier Code: GEC0270 Quick View

Ecosave panel heaters use convection and radiant technology to draw cold air in and radiate warm air out, using less electricity than other room heaters. Wall mounted and light-weight, they are easy to install and have a paintable surface to match any decor. They are very economical, while other heaters can use up to 2000 watts, the eco panel only uses 425 watts.

Goldair app uses your home Wi-Fi connection (does not operate on 3G or 4G internet connections). App is supported only on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channels; please ensure your phone is 2.4GHz capable. App available for download from your device's app store.

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Our Classic GE25 is New Zealand`s quietest heat pump ever. The classic neutral design and superior energy saving features make it the perfect heat pump if you are looking to heat a smaller room and you live in a mild climate.

New Zealand’s Quietest Heat Pumps
Starting from barely a whisper, our Classic GE Series allows you to feel the warmth, not hear it. The GE25 indoor unit starts from a hushed 19dBA on their lowest fan speed, making them New Zealand's quietest heat pump ever!

Superior Energy Efficiency
With cutting-edge inverter technology and the development of a high performance heat exchanger, the GE Series provides superior energy efficiency. Our i-save and Econo Cool Modes are included on all GE models. i-save mode allows you to save temperature and fan speed combinations, returning to these at the touch of a button and Econo Cool provides maximum energy efficiency in cooling mode.

Healthy Catechin Filter
Catechin is a compound found in green tea which is well known for its deodorizing, anti-bacterial and anti-virus properties. With our innovative technology, Catechin has been infused deeply into every molecule of the filter to keep the air in your home healthy. In addition to improving air quality, it helps prevent the spreading of bacteria throughout the room. The long-life Catechin Filter is washable and easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

Anti Allergy Enzyme Filter
This washable air cleaning filter traps harmful particles such as dust and pollen and other that can cause allergic reactions. Furthermore, the artificial Enzyme Catalyst infused in the filter helps break down harmful microbes such as bacteria, mould and dust mites.

7-Day Programmable Line of Sight Controller
Advanced infrared controller allowing the programming of up to four settings (per 24 hour period) including start/stop operation and temperature settings over a 7 day period. This eliminates the need to reset the timer daily. This controller must be positioned within line of sight of the indoor unit for the 7 day timer operation to function – see instruction manual for more details.

Optional Wi-Fi Control Upgrade
With the addition of award winning Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control, you can control and monitor your heat pump from absolutely anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or online account.

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The Sleep Perfect™ 250g/m2 non-woven polyester heated blanket features a 50cm fully fitted skirt that allows for easy fitting on most mattresses, 10 minute fast heat up, exclusive technology which responds to temperature changes whilst you sleep, detachable controls and waterproof elements that make this blanket safe to wash, timer control function that can be set to 75 minute or 12 hour turn off, 9 heat settings, cosy feet heating that provides extra warmth at the base of the blanket and our 3 year replacement guarantee.

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Nobo 2.4kW Oslo Electric Panel Heater with Timer $619.00
SKU: 9022013 | Supplier Code: NTE4T24 Quick View

Scandinavian design is world famous for combining clean and timeless designs with user friendly functionality. The Oslo shares this same design ethos. By concealing the heat outlet vents behind the front panel, the seamless heater removes visual clutter and blends in against your wall. It’s also only 5cm thick, meaning it won’t protrude unnecessarily and get bumped into. Scandinavian made, the heater is built to withstand harsh winters that can plummet to as low as -40°C. No matter how cold it gets outside, you can rely on the Oslo to continue to perform just as well.

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Goldair 2000W Mechanical Panel Heater - GPH450
SKU: 9024846 | Supplier Code: GPH450 Quick View

A slim line panel heater suitable for wall mounting or to be freestanding on castors. The GPH450 features 2 heat settings and an adjustable thermostat.

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Goldair 2000W Platinum Glass Panel Heater with WIFI - GPPH220
SKU: 9055759 | Supplier Code: GPPH220 Quick View

A slimline panel heater suitable for wall mounting or to be freestanding on castors. The GPPH220 features 2 heat settings and an adjustable thermostat.

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Masport R3000 Wood Fire with Pedestal $1,749.00
SKU: 9053037 | Supplier Code: 992930 Quick View

Flue kit & Shield not included

The R3000 continues on from the most popular series of wood fires in the Masport heating range, providing supreme balance of heat output, price and style.

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Sunbeam Double/Queen Quilted Electric Blanket BL5451 $439.00
SKU: 8322273 | Supplier Code: BL5451 Quick View

BL5451The Sleep Perfect™ Quilted 250g/m2  cotton/polyester with quilted top layer features: quilting provides extra comfort and can be used all year round, 5 minute fast heat - ready for bed in 5 minutes, all night comfort - select from settings 1-5 for your preferred temperature during sleep and it will automatically sense and adjust during the night to maintain the selected temperature, digital timer set for 1 or 9 hours, 50cm fully fitted skirt that allows for easy fitting on most mattresses, detachable controls and waterproof elements that make this blanket safe to wash, cosy feet heating that provides extra warmth at the base of the blanket and our 3 year replacement guarantee.

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The Toluca Deluxe is a contemporary wall-mounted electric fire with built-in Bluetooth speaker. Enjoy the sound of crackling fire or your own music while adding visual flair to any room – by combining realistic, colour-changing Optiflame visuals, and a matching coloured backlight.

Choose between rough cut diamond pieces or a pebble fuel bed to complement any living space.

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Haier 2.6 kW Hi Wall Split Heat Pump / Air Conditioner - AS26TB1HRA $899.00
SKU: 9036676 | Supplier Code: 51222/51223 Quick View
Woodsman Totara Inbuilt Wood Burner Fire Package
SKU: 8570483 | Supplier Code: 6052 Quick View

The Totara is a variant of Woodsman's very successful IBS that goes back to about 2002 before the days of clean air, but of course the Totara now meets the ECAN and NES requirements.

The fire box is similar to the ECR with the s/s baffle system and a 150 diameter flue. Easy to install and a great performer with a proven record of success and all at a great price! Package Includes 4.2m Flue Kit

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Goldair 2400W 3 Bar Radiant Heater GIR300
SKU: 8309924 | Supplier Code: GIR300 Quick View

This classic radiant heater, with its minimalist design, is portable enough to move anywhere and looks smart in any modern home. Housed in a sleek, contemporary styled body, this infra-red radiant heater features long-life radiant elements, 3 heat settings, tip-over safety switch and integrated carry handles.

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Mitsubishi 6.8kW Classic Heat Pump / Air Conditioner - MSZ-GE60VAD $3,649.00
SKU: 8676124 | Supplier Code: 69035I/69035X Quick View

Classic GE60 heat pump is designed for quietness, energy saving and elegance. Its high capacity makes it the perfect heat pump if you are looking to heat a large room or if you live in a frosty area and need a bit more power. T

Cooling Capacity 6.0 kW
Heating Capacity 6.8 kW

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Dimplex ComfortAir 3in1 Air conditioner $759.00
SKU: 9033390 | Supplier Code: DIM3IN1 Quick View

A personal air cooler, dehumidifier and heater. The Comfortair 3 in 1 cools small/medium sized rooms with external ducting (window kit included) or as a personal cooler without ducting. Dehumidifying and heating functions do not require ducting.

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Dimplex 2kW Micathermic Heater - CDE2TI $299.00
SKU: 9048450 | Supplier Code: CDE2TI Quick View

Dimplex 2kW Consumer recommended Micathermic heater with heat direction selection to direct heat where you need it. 7 day timer. Fast, efficient and safe. 5 year warranty.

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Woodsman ECR NOVO Woodfire Package
SKU: 8766164 | Supplier Code: 6007 Quick View

The next evolution of the hugely popular ECR model, the New ECR NoVo delivers Value for money like no other in its class. Perfect for the smaller Home. Compact, powerful and featuring a functional cook top, durable 6mm steel Firebox and optional coloured side panels. Package Includes 4.2m Flue Kit

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Dimplex 2.4kW Micathermic Heater - CDE24ECC $389.00
SKU: 9048451 | Supplier Code: CDE24ECC Quick View

Dimplex 2.4kW Micathermic heater with heat direction selection and electronic climate control. Allowing you to direct heat where you need it or place against a wall. Fast, efficient and safe. 5 year warranty.

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Goldair 2400W 3 Bar Radiant Heater with Fan GIR400
SKU: 7078504 | Supplier Code: GIR400 Quick View

For the comforting feeling of direct heat plus cosy visual appeal, the traditional favourite - the radiant heater - can't be beaten. This impressive 2400W infra-red radiant heater provides that warm glow via long-life radiant elements. With 3 heat settings and a turbo fan boost, it warms your room quickly. Its safety cut-out switch and tip-over switch give you peace of mind and its integrated carry handle and enclosed cord tidy make it convenient and smart.

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Dimplex 9 Litre Desiccant Dehumidifier - GDDEKD9 $499.00
SKU: 9048458 | Supplier Code: GDDEKD9 Quick View

Dimplex 9L Desiccant dehumidifier is perfect for the New Zealand climate. They are more efficient and extract more humidity in temperatures 15 degrees and lower compared to the more common compressor dehumidifiers (which can struggle in colder temperatures).

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Dimplex Mini Cube Portable Electric Fire Heater $179.00
SKU: 7525439 | Supplier Code: MINICUBE - B Quick View

This unique and charming electric fire adds warmth and pizazz to any room. The clean, modern lines are highlighted by the gloss finish and louvered front panel. Realistic flames rise up from a glowing coal bed, providing cozy ambience year-round.

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