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Whiteware deals at yellow square prices.

Top notch whiteware from top notch brands. At top notch prices, too.

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Discover the fridge, freezer, oven, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer that best fits all your families needs.

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6 Products Available
LG 42L NeoChef Smart Inverter Microwave Oven - MS4296OBS
SKU: 9038124 | Supplier Code: MS4296OBS Quick View

The LG NeoChef 42L Smart Inverter Microwave Oven features a single piece of tempered glass on the front door creates a modern, stylish appearance.

The Anti-Bacterial EasyClean interior coating makes cleaning simple and convenient. Just a few wipes are all it takes to clean the microwave interior. The coating eliminates 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria from the surface.


  • Easy Touch Controls & Tempered Glass Door
  • Fast Cooking with 1200W of Power
  • Interior Anti-Bacterial Coating
  • Stable Turntable
  • More Even Heating of Food

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Panasonic 25L Microwave Oven - NN-ST34HBQPQ
SKU: 9050628 | Supplier Code: NN-ST34HBQPQ Quick View

Make meals quick and easy with Panasonic's compact, 25 litre microwave. With nine different auto menu programmes to choose from, all you have to do is enter the food category and weight for each meal to be automatically cooked to perfection.

Quick 30 Function
This function enables you to set the cooking time for 30 seconds without selecting any additional settings. Each press of the button sets it for an additional 30 seconds up to a total of 5 minutes.

Add Time
The Add Time Function enables you to add extra time in small increments if your meal needs a bit more heating. and you can set the heating time to produce exactly the kind of results you want.

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Samsung MW5000T 30L Microwave (Black)
SKU: 9068263 | Supplier Code: MG30T5068CK/SA Quick View

Enjoy crispier, tastier & healthier food.
The Grill Fry function cooks, bakes and grills food using a combination of microwave, Sheath Heater and Crusty Plate, based on an optimal algorithm. And it doesn’t use oil, so the food is healthier.

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Panasonic 27L Inverter Microwave Oven - NN-SF564WQPQ
SKU: 8754251 | Supplier Code: NN-SF564WQPQ Quick View

Increased Cooking Space
Use dishes of any shape and size thanks to the innovative Flat & Wide design, which gives you a cooking area that is 31% bigger when compared to conventional turntable microwaves.

Precise Power Control
Conventional microwave ovens operate on only one power level - fully on or off. Panasonic Inverter Technology delivers graduated power sequences continuously so food is cooked and heated more evenly, with more delicious results.

Stylish Clear, Linear Design

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Samsung 32L Microwave Oven - MS32J5133BT
SKU: 8896870 | Supplier Code: MS32J5133BT Quick View

Not only can this Samsung microwave cook or reheat your food, it has a keep warm function so your loved ones can come home and enjoy warm food anytime.

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Panasonic 27L Steam Microwave Oven - NN-DS596BQPQ
Sorry, sold out online. Contact your local store to check for availability.
SKU: 9030683 | Supplier Code: NN-DS596BQPQ Quick View

Genuine steam cooking has now become easier, it's compact, but it makes speedy, steam-cooked meals. Steaming can also be combined with grilling, oven and microwave cooking to greatly expand the variety of foods on your family's table.

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$699.00 Sorry, sold out online. Contact your local store to check for availability.