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Whether you are a home cook, baker or professional chef, stand mixers are a convenient appliance that offers the perfect blend of precision and power. Discover a selection of stand mixers from top brands including Sunbeam, Breville and more online at Smiths City today.

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6 Products Available
Sunbeam Planetary Mixmaster The Master One - Black $279.00
SKU: 9060113 | Supplier Code: MXM5000BK Quick View

Inspired by home bakers, this Mixmaster will breeze through any mixing task. From gently whipping up foamy egg whites to kneading tougher doughs, The Master One will make it easier and faster to bake your favourite cakes, cookies, bread and more.

Mixing attachments rotate whilst travelling around the inside of the bowl, reaching all areas of the bowl and virtually eliminating the need for scraping.

Ideal for kneading and mixing pastry, pizza and bread dough.

Extra large stainless steel mixing bowl or bigger batches of mixing.

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Sunbeam Mixmaster Hand Mixer $49.00
SKU: 9067419 | Supplier Code: JMP1000WH Quick View

Hand mixer with 2 attachments: 2 x V Groove beaters. 2 x dough hooks. Stainless steel dishwasher safe attachments. 6 speeds: Burst of power for serious mixing tasks. Storage case for mixer and all attachments

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Sunbeam Planetary Mixmaster The Tasty One Mixer - White $299.00
SKU: 9062704 | Supplier Code: MXP3000WH Quick View

Grab your trusty Mixmaster for celebrations big or small. It may be compact in size but this little mixer has ample capacity to feed the whole party.

A tough little cookie: 600W Powerful Motor
Planetary mixing action to ensure all ingredients are incorporated.

Variable Control Dial
Select any speed from 1-6 to suit your mixing task.

4L Stainless Steel Bowl
Enough to make up to 36 cupcakes to feed the whole party.

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Russell Hobbs
Russell Hobbs Desire Matte Black Hand Mixer - RHMX5BLK $59.00
SKU: 9064801 | Supplier Code: RHMX5BLK Quick View

Are you looking for a hand mixer that gives you that hands-on approach you love but spares you the arm ache? Then you’ll adore the Desire Matte Black Hand Mixer that makes beating, mixing and whisking completely effortless. Perfect for making a feast of flavoursome foods, from melt in your mouth mashed potatoes to that fluffy cake mixture that’ll definitely satisfy your sweet tooth – the hand mixer can do it all. In a premium matte black, the Desire Matte Black Hand Mixer is as striking in appearance as it is in performance, and we’re certain it will be everything you desire.

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Breville The Scraper Mixer™ - BEM430SIL $729.95
SKU: 9032321 | Supplier Code: BEM430SIL Quick View

How do you mix sticky ingredients without stopping to scrape down the bowl? The double Scraper Beater scrapes the bowl 1300 times* per minute so you don't have to.

  • Planetary mixing action for thorough mixing and Patisserie quality results
  • 100% metal gearing for durability
  • Tilt back function for easy removal of bowl & attachment
  • 4.7L capacity
  • High clarity borosilicate grade glass bowl, resistant to thermal shock & microwave-safe
  • 6 speed electronix control
  • Double sraper beater, dough hook & wire whisk included
  • Solid die cast stand

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Breville The Bakery Chef Hub - Black $529.00
SKU: 9065119 | Supplier Code: LEM750BTR Quick View

The powerful Bakery Chef™ Hub bench mixer features a 1000W motor, full metal gears and planetary mixing motion for 360 degree full bowl coverage. This versatile mixer is the first Breville mixer to include an attachment hub to turn the Bakery Chef™ Hub into a handy kitchen helper with the purchase of any optional food prep hub attachments.

Attachments hub
Turn the Bakery Chef™Hub into a handy kitchen helper by purchasing the optional food prep hub attachments. HUB attachments sold separately*

Double sided scraper beater
This revolutionary scraper beater with its dual sided flexible edges wipes the sides and bottom of the bowl seamlessly, cutting down mixing time and minimising clean up.

Powerful motor
Heavy duty 1000 watt motor with overload protection for professional results every time.

Electronic speed control dial
7 speed electronic control dial with 'push to pause' feature, and auto soft start for more control.

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Shop Stand Mixers Online

Discover a range of stand mixers that will cater towards any cooking preference online at Smiths City. Embrace the ease and efficiency of online shopping as you discover the perfect stand mixer to elevate your cooking and baking endeavours.

Key Features of a Stand Mixer

Effortlessly prepare dough for homemade bread, whip up fluffy desserts, or tackle intricate recipes without breaking a sweat with our selection of stand mixers. Featuring a hands-free operation, stand mixers allow you to multitask and experiment with ease, our stand mixers will make everyday tasks easy. With consistent mixing and precise speed settings, achieve the perfect textures and consistencies and create dishes that will impress friends and family.


What is the difference between a mixer and a stand mixer?

A hand mixer is a portable tool with rotating beaters used for tasks like light mixing and batter preparation. It's manually operated and suited for small-scale mixing.

Whereas, a stand mixer is a larger appliance with a stationary base, powerful motor, and various attachments. It's designed for heavy-duty tasks such as kneading dough and large batch mixing. Offering hands-free operation, stand mixers are ideal for professional chefs and baking enthusiasts who require consistent results for intricate recipes.

Are stand mixers versatile?

Yes, our selection of stand mixers are highly versatile kitchen appliances. Offering a wide range of functionalities from basic mixing to kneading and more, stand mixers will make a perfect addition to your everyday kitchen appliances.

How do I choose a good stand mixer?

When choosing a stand mixer, consider factors such as motor power, mixing capacity, and attachments. Opt for a model with at least 350-500 watts of power for versatile mixing. Select a mixing bowl size that suits your typical batch sizes. Look for a mixer with various attachments, including a dough hook, flat beater, and wire whip, to accommodate diverse recipes.