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12 Products Available
Breville Coffee & Spice™ Grinder - BCG200BSS $69.00
SKU: 8524985 | Supplier Code: BCG200BSS Quick View

Whether it's coffee, herbs or spices, when it's freshly prepared, it delivers superior flavour. the Coffee '&' Spice Grinder has an easy clean, removable stainless steel bowl to minimise flavour transfer between ingredients, while delivering freshly ground coffee, herbs and spices in seconds.

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Breville Eco Coffee Residue Cleaning Tablets (40 pack) $36.99
SKU: 9056839 | Supplier Code: BES013CLR Quick View

An efficient, odourless solution for removing oil build-up and coffee residue, the Breville Eco 40 Pack Coffee Residue Cleaning Tablet helps you keep your compatible espresso machine neat and tidy with ease.

  • Phosphate and GMO-free, making it safe to use
  • Environment-friendly, thanks to its biodegradable design

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Breville Espresso Machine Water Filters (6 pack) $49.00
SKU: 8003147 | Supplier Code: BWF100 Quick View

Charcoal Water Filters for the owners of the following Breville Espresso Machines:

  • Breville the Oracle Touch (BES990 - Batch 1746 & earlier)
  • Breville the Oracle (BES980 - Batch 1751 & earlier)
  • Breville the Barista Pro (BES878)
  • Breville the Barista Express (BES870)
  • Breville the Infuser (BES840)
  • Breville the Duo-Temp Pro (BES810)
  • Breville the Dual Boiler (BES920 - Batch 1800 & earlier)
  • Breville the Dynamic Duo (BEP920 - Batch 1800 & earlier)

Disclaimer: Please check your existing filter or machine batch code to ensure that the machine is compatible.

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Sunbeam Liquid Descaler - KE0100 $9.99
SKU: 1044820 | Supplier Code: KE0100 Quick View

Normal tap water contains minerals that can build up in your kettle or coffee maker. Regular use of the Sunbeam Liquid Descaler will remove this scale build up and restore the efficiency of your appliance.

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Breville Claroswiss Water Filter $29.99
SKU: 9075793 | Supplier Code: BES008WHT Quick View

ClaroSwiss Water Filter for the following Breville Espresso Machines:

  • The Oracle Touch (BES990 - Batch 1747 & up)
  • The Oracle (BES980 - Batch 1751 & up)
  • The Barista Pro (BES878)
  • The Barista Touch (BES880)
  • The Dual Boiler (BES920 - Batch 1801 & up)
  • The Dynamic Duo (BEP920 - Batch 1801 & up)

Please check your existing filter or machine batch code to ensure that the machine is compatible.

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Breville the Milk Jug Thermal $39.00
SKU: 9075457 | Supplier Code: BES003 Quick View

Milk jug with indicator strip that gives you total control over the temperature. Integrated thermometer for texturing milk to the optimum temperature between 55-75 degrees celsius.

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Breville the Bean Keeper Coffee Canister $78.00 Contact us for availability.
SKU: 9075456 | Supplier Code: BES030BSS Quick View

Unique sealing lid forces air out so freshness stays in.

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$78.00 Contact us for availability.
Breville the Choc & Cino Milk Frother $109.00
SKU: 9065117 | Supplier Code: LMF200PSS Quick View

Make hot or cold, mixed or frothed drinks in minutes. Whether you froth or mix, get café quality results at home in minutes. From smooth and creamy cappuccinos, to hot chocolates, with 4 settings to choose from, everyone will have a favourite.

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Sunbeam Espresso Essentials Accessories Kit $77.00 Contact us for availability.
SKU: 9060124 | Supplier Code: EMA3000 Quick View

Take your espresso making to the next level with the Sunbeam Barista Essentials Accessories Kit. Includes all of the café quality premium accessories required to master all types of espresso and coffee making.

What is included?
Mini Bang Bang– Easy to clean, fully dishwasher safe material
Premium Café Size Tamper – to fit with a 58 mm
Group Head. Silicone Tamp Mat – Protect the bench and portafilter while tamping. Precision Milk
Thermometer – Easy to read, with accuracy temperature indicator

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$77.00 Contact us for availability.
Breville Eco Liquid Descaler $36.99
SKU: 9057596 | Supplier Code: BES010 Quick View

Removes hard water scale from your coffee machine and kettles

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Breville Knock Box Mini Grinds Bin $35.00
SKU: 8726150 | Supplier Code: BES001BSS Quick View

Remove the coffee puck without mess. Quick and easy disposal of the coffee puck. The knock bar is designed to be durable for aggressive use and is removable for easy cleaning of the inner vessel. Anti-slip rubber grip for increased stability on the countertop

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Sunbeam Café Series® Precision Grinder - EM0700 $257.00 Contact us for availability.
SKU: 8474025 | Supplier Code: EM0700 Quick View

Precision grinding
Precise and consistent grinding is the secret to an ideal coffee. The Sunbeam Precision Grinder uses a belt drive and dual bearings to minimise any conical burr movement which increases grind precision and consistency./p>

Seamless Delivery
Unique Tap & Go™ technology allows an easy one touch grind. An illuminated cradle and anti-static chamber assist in seamless and accurate grind delivery directly into the group handle.

Adjustable grind and easy re-calibration
Maximise the flavour of your coffee with 30 adjustable grind settings. A removable top burr cartridge allows for easy clean and an advanced no-tool recalibration system.

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$257.00 Contact us for availability.