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11 Products Available
Fisher & Paykel
Fisher & Paykel 5kg Sensor Dryer - DE5060M1 $799.00
SKU: 9016270 | Supplier Code: 93181 Quick View

This 5kg dryer with tactile controls is designed to match the QuickSmart Top Loading washing machine. It has full reverse tumbling and comes with wall brackets and an inverted panel so it can be inverted on the wall, or placed on the floor.

Auto-sensing automatically senses the moisture inside the drum, shutting off at the perfect level so your clothes don't over dry, helping your clothes last longer and reducing energy wastage.

Solid die cast hinges ensure the robust 3 piece dryer door stands the test of time.Easy Access 180° open door.

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Westinghouse 5.0kg Electronic Sensor Clothes Dryer WDV5051 $699.00
SKU: 8617888 | Supplier Code: WDV5051 Quick View

What a great idea. save time and money. Let the machine do the work. This Electronic Sensor Clothes Dryer from Westinghouse senses the residual moisture in the clothes and automatically stops when the desired dryness is achieved. This protects your clothes by ensuring they aren't over dried and saves energy by using the exact amount of energy required for any load size.

Tumble action alternates clockwise to anti-clockwise. Reduces clothes tangling and bunching together, so they dry more evenly and quickly.

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Beko 6kg Sensor Dryer - DV6120X
$799.00 $499.00
SKU: 8329757 | Supplier Code: DV6120X Quick View

In Beko dryers, the anti-crease function automatically follows the drying cycle. This function provides ready-togo laundry, since the gentle drum action separates the laundry and ensures that it remains wrinkle-free.

All Beko clothes dryers operate with a reverse drum action, which provides homogeneous drying and prevents creasing of your laundry.

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$799.00 $499.00
Fisher & Paykel
Fisher & Paykel 7 kg Vented Dryer - DE7060G1 $949.00
SKU: 9047540 | Supplier Code: 92269 Quick View

This white Fisher & Paykel vented dryer has a large 7kg capacity making it perfect for family sized loads.

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Simpson Flexible Dryer Vent Kit $119.00
SKU: 6011365 | Supplier Code: DVK004 Quick View

This clothes dryer venting kit has a 2.4m flexible exhaust venting hose. Suitable for all current Simpson & Electrolux venting clothes dryers.

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Simpson 4kg Vented Dryer - SDV401 $559.00
SKU: 9039915 | Supplier Code: SDV401 Quick View

The 4kg clothes dryer comes with anti-tangling reverse tumbling action for an even drying result. Other feature includes time drying, delicates setting, large door opening and wall mount option.

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Fisher & Paykel
Fisher & Paykel 7kg Vented Dryer - DE7060P1 $999.00
SKU: 9047541 | Supplier Code: 92270 Quick View

This white Fisher & Paykel Vented Dryer cares for every type of load with 10 different dry cycles including Delicate, Bulky and Freshen.

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Bosch Stacking Kit WTZ20410 $149.00
SKU: 8654139 | Supplier Code: WTZ20410 Quick View

Connection set, suits all Dryers (except WTA74200AU) with all Bosch Washing Machines

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Westinghouse Electronic Sensor 6kg Clothes Dryer - WDV6051 $1,049.00
SKU: 9040108 | Supplier Code: WDV6051 Quick View

A 6kg capacity clothes dryer with electronic sensor push button controls, reversing action, stainless steel drum, childlock and crease free option

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Beko 6 kg Sensor Controlled Vented Dryer - BDV60W $849.00
SKU: 9050217 | Supplier Code: BDV60W Quick View
Beko 7kg Sensor Controlled Vented Dryer - BDV70W $949.00
SKU: 9049982 | Supplier Code: BDV70W Quick View