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Food Processors

Explore a collection of food processors online at Smiths City. Offering a new level of versatility to your kitchen, our selection of food processors will allow you to effortlessly master a range of culinary tasks.

Food Processors

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4 Products Available
Russell Hobbs
Russell Hobbs Classic Food Processor - RHFP5000 $169.00
SKU: 9064803 | Supplier Code: RHFP5000 Quick View

Chop, grate, slice and more with the Russell Hobbs Classic Food Processor. Perfect for chopped salads, creating dips, grating cheese and more! 3 speeds plus pulse, means that no processing task is too hard. The Classic Food Processor can tackle any job big or small with an extra large 2.6L working bowl and a nested 950ml mini bowl. No need to clean a large bowl!

2.6L work bowl & 950 mL nested mini work bowl
Providing two bowl options, no need to clean a large bowl for small work

Nested mini work bowl with mini S-blade for small processing tasks
Offers a small option for small jobs, plus, easy, compact storage

Includes, mini S-blade, dough blade, 2 reversible slices, shred/grate discs.
Maximum versatility in one appliance, with all your meal prep needs covered

3 Speeds plus Pulse
Provides performance and versatility, from coarsely chopped to finely blended, mixed, grated , sliced or shredded, meal preparation will be a breeze

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Sunbeam StickMaster Plus Hand Blender - SM7400 $98.00
SKU: 8474140 | Supplier Code: SM7400 Quick View

3x3 Blade System
Horizontal slicing blades & vertical stabbing blades work together to provide the ultimate performance result.

Twist & Lock
Attach the motor body to the blending wand with a simple twist & lock action.

Range Of Accessories
One product to do it all with a range of accessories: 1.5L beaker, whisk and 750ml chopper.

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Russell Hobbs
Russell Hobbs Desire Matte Black Mini Chopper - RHMFP5BLK $65.00
SKU: 9064799 | Supplier Code: RHMFP5BLK Quick View

The Russell Hobbs Matte Black Mini Chopper performs a variety of tasks, from mixing salad dressings and home made dips to chopping onions and pureeing baby food, minus the lengthy clean up time. The 200 watt motor makes light work of even the hardiest ingredients such as ice and nuts. Coupled with a dishwasher safe 1L glass bowl, the Mini Chopper is a clever and compact addition to the kitchen.

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The George Foreman Veggie Spiralizer is a quick way to up your daily intake of fruits and vegetables while also cutting down on preparation time for dinner. Quickly create healthy and delicious meals using the 4 blade types to make vegetable noodles, or slice veggies for salads.

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Shop Food Processors at Smiths City

Whether it is chopping, dicing, blending or kneading our food processors are designed to make everyday cooking tasks a breeze. Discover our range of food processors online today and craft delicious dips, spreads and more with ease. Available in a selection of models and brands, upgrade your current food processor or shop for a new one online now at Smiths City.

Food Processors Online

Shop appliances including food processors in ease online at Smiths City. Our online category allows you to browse and compare different models and read detailed product descriptions. From mini choppers to multifunctional processors, our online range caters to various cooking needs and preferences.


What is the difference between a blender and a food processor?

While both blenders and food processors are kitchen appliances designed for food preparation, they serve different purposes. A blender is primarily used for liquids and semi-liquids, making smoothies, shakes, soups, and sauces. It's ideal for tasks that require mixing and liquefying. On the other hand, a food processor is versatile and suitable for a wider range of tasks such as chopping, slicing, dicing, shredding, and kneading dough. It's your go-to tool for food prep, making it a must-have for anyone who enjoys cooking from scratch.

What is a good wattage for a food processor?

The wattage of a food processor's motor indicates its power and performance capability. For most home cooking tasks, a food processor with a wattage of 500 to 800 watts is sufficient. This range can handle chopping, slicing, dicing, and even kneading dough for most recipes. If you often tackle tougher tasks like processing large quantities of heavy dough or slicing dense vegetables, opting for a higher wattage (around 1000 watts) might be beneficial.