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From HDMI, Surge Protection, Wall Mounts, and TV Cabinets, we have all the accessories you need to enhance your viewing.

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132 Products Available
Varta Universal Charger $17.00
SKU: 8990046 Quick View

The VARTA charger assortment offers the best solution for every charging need: Reliable and ready whenever energy is required most. VARTA chargers fulfill high quality standards and guarantee maximum safety which makes them trustful and innovative companions in every situation.

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Samsung Slim Fit Wall Mount - WMN-A50EB $129.00
SKU: 9068299 | Supplier Code: WMN-A50EB/XY Quick View

Compatibility: 85" ~ 43" (Q900A ~ AU8000 excluding Q80A)

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Samsung 2019 One Clear Connection (15M) $299.00
SKU: 9068301 | Supplier Code: VG-SOCR15/RU Quick View

Compatibililty: 2019 QLED 4K 15m Cable | Q95T / Q80R

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The Woodpeckers Furniture Merivale Range is of the highest quality of New Zealand manufacturing. Made from recycled rimu the Merivale furniture pieces are an exceptional product to showcase in your home. With square straight lines, matte finish surfaces, and character rich rimu they provide a contemporary, clean look while holding onto the traditional rimu finishes New Zealand loves.

Featuring early century construction details such as dovetailed drawers, solid drawer sides, wooden runners and drawer stops. Oiled, sealed and waxed to maintain the quality and character of some of New Zealand’s oldest Rimu timber.

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Panasonic Lithium 3V Battery CR2025 (2 Pack)
SKU: 9064431 | Supplier Code: CR-2025PG/2B Quick View

Panasonic's Lithium Batteries combine very light weight material with lithium technology, to create a power source suitable for many cameras, as well as other appliances using lithium batteries.

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One for All Amplified Indoor Antenna - SV9420 $62.99
SKU: 9050089 | Supplier Code: SV9420 Quick View

One For All® take pride in combining functionality and design. When designing antennas their priority is to ensure the best possible reception. Whether you still receive conventional analogue broadcasts or have already made the transition to Terrestrial Digital Video Broadcasts (DVB-T/2) or even Full HD and 3D, you can choose between indoor and outdoor antennas plus stylish indoor specials that blend in with modern home interiors.

Which antenna do you need?
For best performance, it is recommend to use this antenna within a range of 15km from your nearest transmitter.

Curved design
Following the modern designs patterns of the latest and greatest television sets, we introduce a curved antenna. With it's gloss front and discrete profile, the One For All Curved Antenna is the ideal match for a modern home.

360° adjustable
This aerial can be placed in any horizontal positioning for crystal clear reception of DVB-T television and DAB radio signals.

HD and DAB ready
This Aerial is fully optimised for perfect reception of HD television and DAB+ radio.

Interference free
This Aerial has a unique 3G/4G block-filter to stop all mobile signals, to ensure the best possible reception, now and in the future.

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One for All Full-motion TV Wall Mount - WM4661 $218.00
SKU: 9063597 | Supplier Code: WM4661 Quick View

Sturdy design that ensures optimal support of your TV
Combining high-grade materials, built-in setup tools and robust design, makes the Solid Wall mounts a valuable accessory, for those looking for a hassle-free installation yet extra strong support for their TVs.

TV viewing from multiple angles
Have the comfort of adjusting the angle of your TV up to 120° horizontally and up to 20° vertically. With these versatile TV wall brackets you are able to retract, tilt and swivel your TV while maintaining a clean and modern look in your living room. Thanks to its adjustment angle this TV bracket is not just a perfect match for your living room, also for your kitchen and bedrooms.

Robust design for optimal support
The SOLID line of wall mounts features a robust design that ensures optimal support of your valuable TV at all times. Cast from high-grade material, this sturdy wall mount will hold any TV weighting up to 60 kg.

Mounting materials included
No need to search for the most suitable screws to mount this wall mount. All mounting materials such as screws, concrete anchors and spacers are delivered with the wall mount for a quick and straightforward setup.

Cable management
Hide unsightly cables with the integrated cable management system and create a clean and uncluttered look.

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Samsung Studio Stand - VG-SESA11K $299.00
SKU: 9068298 | Supplier Code: VG-SESA11K/XY Quick View

Compatibility: T-Series 65/55/49/43 (Q950T ~ TU7000 + LS03T), A-Series 65/58/55/50 (Q900A ~ AU7000 + LS03A)

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One for All Sky Replacement Remote Control - URC1669 $29.99
SKU: 8875080 | Supplier Code: URC1669 Quick View

The only truly Universal Sky/TV Replacement Remote Control. Operates all Sky Decoders, including MySky HDi as well your TV.

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One for All Universal Sound Bar Brackets - WM5211 $43.99
SKU: 9063599 | Supplier Code: WM5211 Quick View

Experience the best sound quality, easily attaching your sound bar to your TV
These universal sound bar brackets mount the soundbar above or below your TV using the VESA pattern holes of the TV. The universal soundbar brackets can be combined with any One For All TV bracket to avoid drilling any extra holes in your wall.

Universal mounting solution
Mount your soundbar above or below your LCD, LED or Plasma TV for a complete and optimized experience. This product works seamlessly with any One For All wall mounts, and thanks to it’s universal design, will fit almost all TVs and soundbars.

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One for All Outdoor Yagi TV Antenna - SV9453 $99.99
SKU: 9050088 | Supplier Code: SV9453 Quick View

Designed to withstand heavy weather conditions
Easy to install Outdoor antenna, capable of receiving all your favorite TV channels in 4K Ultra HD (DVB-T/T2). For best performance we recommend to use this antenna within a range of 50 km from your nearest transmitter.

Guaranteed durability
Designed to withstand the most heavy weather conditions, this performance antenna is suitable to be used outdoors. It's all weather proof up to IP55 level, 100% water proof.

Interference free
This antenna has a unique 3G/4G block-filter to block all 3G and 4G mobile phone signals, to ensure the best possible reception, now and in the future.

Easy Instalation
It takes only 3 simple steps to assemble this antenna, the package includes cables, connectors and all fixing materials for a quick and easy setup.

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One for All Full-Motion TV Wall Mount - WM2251 $109.00
SKU: 9063591 | Supplier Code: WM2251 Quick View

Suitable for TV screens from 13 to 40" and compatible with VESA sizes from 75x75 to 200x200

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One for All Evolve TV - URC7115 $52.99
SKU: 9063584 | Supplier Code: URC7115 Quick View

This modern remote offers easy control of your Smart Television and all its functions as on your original remote!

Optimised for smart TV
Its keypad is optimised to control of your smart TV (LED, LCD, Plasma), including a NETTV key, that gives you one key press access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube or any other online streaming app.

Ultra wide angle
Due to the ultra wide infrared angle, you can control your devices even without pointing exactly in their direction.

100 % Compatible
The Evolve TV remote is guaranteed to work all TV brands.

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One for All Remote Control Extender - URC1000 $69.99
SKU: 9063580 | Supplier Code: URC1000 Quick View

At One For All we develop products that let you make the most of your television viewing experience

Control up to 4 AV devices behind cabinet doors
The One For All remote control extender is the perfect solution for controlling your infrared AV devices inside a closed cabinet.

Keep a tidy look with all your devices out of sight
Its clever design features a smart cable management system. It allows you to store all your devices inside a cabinet creating a clean and tidy look in your living room.

Easy, Plug & Play Set-Up
Installation is quick and easy. Simply connect the remote control extender (USB powered) to your AV Equipment and put the IR eyes inside the cabinet. By placing the IR receiver where it’s visible you can be sure of controlling all your devices even with the cabinet door closed.

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One for All Indoor TV Antenna - SV9033 $39.99
SKU: 9050090 | Supplier Code: SV9033 Quick View

Enjoy perfect reception of digital television
Fully tiltable antenna optimised for reception of HD digital TV signals. For best performance we recommend to use this antenna within a range of 5 km from your nearest transmitter.

High-definition Television
This indoor antenna is compatible with DVB-T/T2 programmes broadcast in HD format.

Fully adjustable for clear reception
For perfect reception of DVB-T television you can tilt or turn the fully adjustable loop and optimise the telescopic antennas.

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Samsung Wall Mount for 65" & 75" The Terrace $199.00
SKU: 9065188 | Supplier Code: WMN4277TT/XY Quick View

The Terrace Wall Mount

Weather-resistant, outdoor-optimised TV wall mount
The Terrace outdoor TV wall mount holds up strong and sturdy even in outside environments. Its galvanised steel frame and stainless-steel screws prevent corrosion and discolouration from rain or sunlight for durable, weather-friendly outdoor installation.

Safe TV installation
The Samsung wall mount WMN4277TT is strong enough to support a full body large screen TV. The wall mount has a safe loading weight of 60kg and is built to minimise risk factors. So feel free to hang and tilt your TV, safety guaranteed.

Enjoy TV in the best angle possible
Watch your favourite shows comfortably from any angle you want. With Samsung wall mount WMN4277TT, you can move your large screen TV up and down, left and right, and even tilt it forward to bring the screen closer to you. So kick back and enjoy your TV in the perfect light and viewing angle.

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One for All Universal A/C Remote - URC1035 $64.99
SKU: 9063581 | Supplier Code: URC1035 Quick View

Ideal replacement for your Air conditioning remote

Full Mode operation
The A/C remote is the perfect solution to replace your broken or lost Air-conditioner remote. This remote features include full Mode operation (5 options), fan speed adjustability and a timer function.

Stay cool and comfortable all year long
Modern design with a backlit LCD screen, the One For All Aircon remote is compatible with the most popular air conditioner brands.

30 seconds to set up your remote
An easy setup for the top 10 brands in 3 simple steps using One For All’s auto search feature. This user friendly remote will be ready to use in less than a minute!

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Pudney British Travel Adaptor $5.99
SKU: 9037077 | Supplier Code: P4422 Quick View

May be suitable for: Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belize, Bhutan, Bostwana, Brunei, Channel Islands, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominica, El Salvador, Falkland Islands, Gambia, Ghana, Gibraltar, Grenada (Windward Island), Guatemala, Guyana, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Macau, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Oman, Qatar, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Wales, Republic of Yemen, Zambia, Zaire, Zimbabwe.

  • For use with NZ and Australian Appliances overseas
  • Can be used in the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and parts of the Middle East, Asia & Africa.
  • Important: Adaptors do not convert voltage
  • SAA140817EA
  • NOTE: Both voltages and socket configurations can vary within a country. There is no guarantee that the above information will be accurate in every instance.

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OMP M2201 Premium HDMI Cable - 2M $8.00
SKU: 8370744 | Supplier Code: M2201 Quick View

Enjoy ultra-high-resolution digital video and true digital audio, delivered together through a single, high-performance connection.

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One for All Streamer Remote - URC7935 $62.99
SKU: 9063586 | Supplier Code: URC7935 Quick View

Customise your streamer experience with this fully backlit remote; thanks to its convenient key layout, there is no need to switch between devices

Seamless control of all your Streaming box, TV and Audio devices
Optimum navigation - once your three devices are set up, certain keys will operate your TV and/or Sound Bar, the rest of the key will be assigned to your Streamer box, controlling three devices as one.

Fully customisable feedback colours
The colour ring will tell you which device you are controlling - use the pre-programmed device colours or select your favourite yourself.

Quick access to your favourite streaming services
The Streamer Remote features 4 handy shortcut keys to your favourite streaming services, you will be just one key press away from Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix or any other online streaming app.

Use any function of your original remote
In addition to the easy setup, the learning feature can be used to fully customise the Streamer remote by copying functions directly from any original remote.

100% Compatible, Guaranteed to work with all brands*
Works with all TVs, Sounds bars and Infrared Controlled Streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, Now TV and many more.

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