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Food Preparation

Find the right size blender, mixer, scales or food processor with all the settings you need to make home cooking and baking easy and efficient.

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54 Products Available
Sunbeam VS1300 Foodsaver Fresh $199.99
SKU: 9045334 | Supplier Code: VS1300 Quick View

The new, unique vacuum seal machine for those looking for a compact and reusable fresh food solution.
A compact solution to vacuum seal FoodSaver® containers and reusable vacuum zipper bags air tight - to keep air out and fresh in. Perfect for berries, vegetables, cheese, deli meats, leftovers and pantry foods. Air is the enemy of freshness, and other brand zipper bags and containers trap the air in. FoodSaver® is the only system that takes the air out to vacuum seal the fresh in.

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Breville Wizz Mix - White $79.99
SKU: 2805964 | Supplier Code: EM3WHT Quick View

"When all you need is something simple and compact to use, this hand mixer satisfies with a powerful 320W motor, 5 speeds and a boost function. It ""beats"" mixing by hand."

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NutriBullet 1200 Watt 12 Piece $259.99
SKU: 9032966 | Supplier Code: N12-1207 Quick View

Maximize your food's nutritional potential for the whole family with the NutriBullet max 1200. The powerful 1200 watts motor makes nutrient extraction a breeze.

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Sunbeam Multiprocessor Compact Duo LC6000 $349.99
SKU: 8655045 | Supplier Code: LC6000 Quick View

Designed to help you chop, grate and blend in minutes. With a wider chute and 1.5L glass blender, the MultiProcessor™ Compact Duo has all the power and functionality you need to prepare delicious meals

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Breville The Smoking Gun BSM600SIL $129.99
SKU: 9032320 | Supplier Code: BSM600SIL Quick View

Quickly and effortlessly infuse foods and drinks with natural smoky flavours. The Smoking Gun offers an alternative to traditional smoking methods. Simply fill the Smoking Gun chamber with your choice of combustible, turn it on, light with a match or lighter and apply cool smoke where you'd like it.

Works on various types of wood chips, teas, herbs and spices. The durable, hand-held Smoking Gun operates on just four AA batteries, and allows you to experiment and create signature culinary creations.

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Breville The Kitchen Wizz 8 Plus - Silver $349.99
SKU: 9032327 | Supplier Code: BFP580SIL Quick View

The Kitchen Wizz 8's combination of a high 1000 watt torque motor, stainless steel reinforced spindle and high performance stainless steel cuttting surfaces result in maximum precision.

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Breville The Control Grip - Stick Mixer White $99.99
SKU: 7642572 | Supplier Code: BSB310WHT Quick View

Making a simple soup with a traditional stick mixer can be hard work for your hands. Fingers held in awkward positions and the suctioning of the stick mixer to the pot are the main causes for this discomfort. Breville's Comfort GripTM Stick Mixer has an ergonomic trigger switch operation, a soft touch grip to prevent slipping, and an anti-suction blending action...all helping to ensure that your favourite comfort food is comfortable to make. Get a grip.

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Breville The Kinetix Control - Brushed Stainless Steel $349.99
SKU: 7961220 | Supplier Code: BBL605BSS Quick View

The BBL605BSS Blender from Breville has Kinetix® Control ! Plus with 7 task controls and a timer. Central blades crush and chop for velvety cocktails. Bowl hugging blades whip and aerate for creamier smoothies. Awesome.

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Breville The Kinetix Control - Cranberry Blender BBL605CRN $359.99
SKU: 8059347 | Supplier Code: BBL605CRN Quick View

The Kinetix Control with 7 task controls and timer. Central blades crush and chop for velvety cocktails. Bowl hugging blades whip and aerate for creamier smoothies. While a traditional blade tree pulls ingredients downwards, an extra long scraping blade shreds and whips, leaving food nowhere to hide. This unique motion mixes and aerates smoothies and even turns itself off once complete.

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Sunbeam FoodSaver Quick Marinator $49.99
SKU: 9033248 | Supplier Code: VS0700 Quick View

Prepare delightful dishes without hours of marinating, thanks to the Sunbeam FoodSaver Quick Marinator. The vacuum sealing system of this marinator opens the pores of your ingredients, so flavours are quickly and easily absorbed.

  • The Sunbeam FoodSaver Quick Marinator removes oxygen from your food to retain its freshness and flavour for longer.
  • Thanks to its generous 2.1 litre capacity, the Foodsaver Quick Marinator has ample space for marinating different meat and vegetable cuts.
  • Made from odour-proof and stain-resistant plastic, the Sunbeam Quick Marinator will not retain traces of the marinade after clean-up.
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    Russell Hobbs
    Russell Hobbs Salt & Pepper Mills - Silver
    $89.99 $39.99
    SKU: 9033012 | Supplier Code: RHPK4000SS Quick View

    "Designed with ease of use, practicality, enjoyment and style in mind, the Russell Hobbs Salt & Pepper Mills sit perfectly on your kitchen bench or dining table. Ready to use at the touch of a button, seasoning your food could not be made easier. "

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    $89.99 $39.99
    Russell Hobbs
    Russell Hobbs Waffle Bowl $99.99
    SKU: 9032614 | Supplier Code: RHWM1 Quick View

    Great Dessert Maker. Ideal for entertaining and parties A Waffle in 3 minutes

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    Sunbeam StickMaster® Platinum SM9000 $239.99
    SKU: 8474157 | Supplier Code: SM9000 Quick View

    The StickMaster® Platinum with a Soft Start function: maximum power needs maximum control

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    NutriBullet 600 Watt 5 Piece $149.99
    SKU: 9032967 | Supplier Code: NBR-0507LG Quick View

    So easy anyone can use it. First fill the cup with your favourite fruits and vegetables. Then add liquid to the max line, twist on the blade and extract! It couldn't be any easier!

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    NutriBullet 1000 Watt 9 Piece $219.99
    SKU: 9032965 | Supplier Code: N10-0907DG Quick View

    With 1000 Watts of power, the NutriBullet 1000 Series will take your health to the next level, Boasting new functionality with the AutoBlast cycles, the NutriBullet 1000 Series will shut off automatically after optimum extraction. Fully equipped with recipes to get you started the NUTRIBULLET 1000 SERIES is the natural step in your journey towards optimal health.

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    Kenwood Multipro Classic Food Processor FDM785BA $449.99
    SKU: 8802837 | Supplier Code: FDM785BA Quick View

    The Multipro FDM785 includes a 3 litre bowl perfect for family sized meals, 4 food processor discs and a 1.5 litre thermo-resistant blender great for making ice cold smoothies or hot soups with no risk of cracking. To make things even easier and to help you save space in your kitchen, both the bowl and the blender can be run from a single drive.

    The powerful 1000W motor and 8 variable speed settings, plus pulse, give you total control over your cooking for perfect results every time. And the durable die cast all metal body is sure to fit in with any kitchen style.

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    Russell Hobbs
    Russell Hobbs RHBL3000R Kitchen Metallics Blender - Red
    $249.99 $59.99
    SKU: 8523045 | Supplier Code: RHBL3000R Quick View

    The kitchen metallics blender is the perfect choice, with 10 pre-programmed settings and smart blend technology, it's stylish design and great features, it will fit flawlessly with your lifestyle.

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    $249.99 $59.99
    Breville the All in One Food Processor BSB530BSS $299.99
    SKU: 8368862 | Supplier Code: BSB530BSS Quick View

    You will never need another kitchen appliance with this Breville all in one food process, blend, mash, process with great food processor that has control grip.

    It comes with ice crushing blades, an ergonomic handle, 700 Watt high power, variable speed control, quad blades, variable slicing blade, adjustable mashing head and a 1.6l food processing bowl.

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    George Foreman
    George Foreman Veggie Spiralizer $189.99
    SKU: 9032611 | Supplier Code: GFVS1000 Quick View

    The George Foreman Veggie Spiralizer is a quick way to up your daily intake of fruits and vegetables while also cutting down on preparation time for dinner. Quickly create healthy and delicious meals using the 4 blade types to make vegetable noodles, or slice veggies for salads.

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    George Foreman
    George Foreman Mix & Go with Chill Sticks GFBL3002CS $99.99
    SKU: 9005018 | Supplier Code: GFBL3002CS Quick View

    The powerful and efficient Mix & Go personal blender breaks down and mixes fruits, vegetables, ice, seeds and nuts so you can prepare tasty and nutritious smoothies and consume them anywhere, any time. And now with bonus Chill Sticks, simply fill, freeze and attach to your lid to enjoy a cold, refreshing drink on the go.

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