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42 Products Available
One for All Amplified Indoor Antenna - SV 9345 $17.00
SKU: 9050523 | Supplier Code: UE-SV9345 Quick View

Enjoy perfect reception of digital television
Modern antenna optimized for reception of Full HD digital TV signals. For best performance we recommend to use this antenna within a range of 15 km from your nearest transmitter.

Full HD Television
This indoor antenna is compatible with DVB-T/T2 programmes broadcast in Full HD format.

Freedom to move
The antenna can be powered with an AC/DC Adaptor, USB or directly via DVB-T/T2 receiver.

Interference free
This antenna has a unique 3G/4G block-filter to shield all mobile phone signals, to ensure the best possible reception, now and in the future.

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One For All Panasonic Replacement Remote Control URC1914 $62.95
SKU: 8875114 | Supplier Code: URC1914 Quick View

The only true Panasonic replacement remote. No Setup required. Supports all common Panasonic functions like Link, Tools and Guide. Hard cap navigation ring. Learning feature allows you to customize your remote to your needs. Supports all Panasonic TVs including Plasma, LCD and LED models

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Pudney Multi Reverse International Plug Adaptor P4419 $16.99
SKU: 9006750 | Supplier Code: P4419 Quick View

This adaptor allows 2 and 3 pin European plugs, and USA and Japanese plugs to be used in Australia and New Zealand.

Important: Adaptors do not convert voltage

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Pudney Coax Splitter 1 in 2 Out PEU275 $18.00
SKU: 1070010 | Supplier Code: PEU275 Quick View

Commonly used to run two TV's or a TV and FM radio from the one RF outlet.

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Pudney Bluray Lens Cleaner P17030 $21.99
SKU: 7534159 | Supplier Code: P17030 Quick View

Don't put up with your discs constantly skipping, stuttering or stopping. Clean your DVD or Blu-ray player regularly to ensure your equipment performs at its optimal level. Dust, dirt and fingerprints left on your discs can impede to your player's lens reader performance, which affects the image and sound quality as well as reducing your player's life-span. This product can be used in Blu-ray and DVD drives, as well as DVDR, DVD-ROM and DVD-RW. Includes voice instructions in 11 languages.

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Pudney F Plug to F Plug 4M Flylead P3012 $26.00
SKU: 8967259 | Supplier Code: P3013 Quick View

Commonly used for connecting Pay/Freeview set top boxes to satellite connections

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One For All LG Replacement Remote Control URC1911 $62.95
SKU: 8875106 | Supplier Code: URC1911 Quick View

Guaranteed to work 100% of all LG TV models. There is no setup required for most LG televisions – simply insert the batteries and start using it. This replacement remote control has a full learning feature – add any function from any other remote control. The only true LG replacement remote includes all common LG functions like: Menu, Guide, Energy Saving, Netcast, AD, 3D and Source.

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OMP M7204 TV Lock Strap $32.99
SKU: 7994999 | Supplier Code: M7204 Quick View

Make any room a safe environment with the Anti-tip tether strap designed to reduce the risk of a flat panel television being accidentally tipped or knocked forwards Features: Durable polypropylene adjustable strap with connectors Connectors securely attach to back of television (in the mounting holes) and either to the back of your furniture (glass shelf or wooden cabinet) or screwed into the wall behind the television Works with flat panels up to 60" Installation is quick easy.l

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One For All Sky Replacement Remote Control URC1669 $29.99
SKU: 8875080 | Supplier Code: URC1669 Quick View

The only truly Universal Sky/TV Replacement Remote Control. Operates all Sky Decoders, including MySky HDi as well your TV.

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Tech Brands
Tech Brands 6 Way Power Board - MS4045 $4.97
SKU: 8978074 | Supplier Code: MS4045 Quick View

Maximum load is 2400 watts. Includes resettable overload protection.

White in colour. Size 300(L) x 48(W) x 24(H)mm. Cord length 1 metre.

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Belkin AV Standby Power Controller $7.00
SKU: 9034130 | Supplier Code: 2474087 Quick View

Eliminate standby power and reduce your electricity consumption with this device. The Standby Power Controller senses when your TV is on or off and eliminates standby power to all your AV components. Manage power to your entertainment system with the push of a button. Turn off DVD players, receivers and other equipment when you turn off your TV.

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One For All Samsung Replacement Remote Control URC1910 $62.95
SKU: 8875098 | Supplier Code: URC1910 Quick View

Guaranteed to work 100% of all Samsung TV models. There is no setup required for most Samsung televisions – simply insert the batteries and start using it. Glowing Volume and Channel keys provide easy control in the dark. Full learning feature – add any function from any other remote control. A soft anti-slip grip and raised digit 5 key provide easy and comfortable control. Keys include all common Samsung functions like: Menu, Guide, HDMI and Smart Hub.

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Pudney Coaxial Plug to F Socket Adaptor P3506 $9.99
SKU: 8994279 | Supplier Code: P3506 Quick View

Commonly used to convert a standard socket TV flylead to a F type socket connector

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Commonly used for connecting a TV to a wall antenna connection.

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Pudney F Plug to Coaxial Plug 4M Flylead P3002 $34.99
SKU: 8994287 | Supplier Code: P3002 Quick View

Commonly used for connecting TV or Pay/Freeview to Antenna connection

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Eurovap Plasma/LCD Microfibre Cleaning Cloth $39.99
SKU: 6058499 | Supplier Code: 104BP Quick View

The Chemical free way to clean your appliance purchase. The Plasma LCD Euro-Cloth is a commercial grade micro-fibre product, its unique construction enables it to work on a capillary action, meaning it will pick up grease, dirt and dust whilst leaving a thin film of water which evaporates streak-free. This cloth is also ideal for glass, mirrors, and other shinny surfaces.

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Pudney Right Angle Coaxial Plug to F Socket Adaptor P3508 $9.99
SKU: 9037074 | Supplier Code: P3508 Quick View

Commonly used to convert a F type plug connector to a standard TV flylead plug

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Pudney USA Travel Adapter - P4421 $16.99
SKU: 9027182 | Supplier Code: P4421 Quick View
Pudney Cassette Adaptor P17200 $27.99
SKU: 1070300 | Supplier Code: P17200 Quick View

This product enables headphone type portable players such as MP3 players,CD,MD and DCC players to be heard through the speakers of any cassette playback system.This includes car stereo and boom box cassette players. No wiring required for set up.

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Pudney & Lee 3.5mm to 2x RCA Cable - 1m P1211 $18.99
SKU: 8978868 | Supplier Code: P1211 Quick View

Commonly used for connecting an iPod/MP3,phone or portable audio device to an amplifier,Hi Fi,Portable speakers or other stereo device

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