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Nilfisk Smart Shine 500ml $0.97
SKU: 8901936 | Supplier Code: SMART SHINE Quick View

For use with the Nilfisk Smart Window Vacuum

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Electrolux AeroPro Turbo Brush $119.00
SKU: 9029951 | Supplier Code: ZE119 Quick View

The AeroPro Turbo Nozzle - ZE119 is an extremely powerful turbine driven brush which reaches deep into carpet and remove fibres and pet hair. The opening window on the top allows you to remove dirt stuck on the brush of the nozzle.

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Electrolux Pure i9 Performance Kit $159.00
SKU: 9050058 | Supplier Code: ERK2 Quick View

Keep your PUREi9™ in top condition - PUREi9™ Performance Kit containing 3 PowerBrush™ side brushes, 3 washable XXL filters and one main brush to keep your PUREi9™ robot in best condition, ensuring you top cleaning results

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Bissell Oxy Boost Formula - 14051 $19.99
SKU: 8877185 | Supplier Code: 14051 Quick View

Deeply penetrates to permanently remove tough stains. Pour in stain removing power. Maximise your carpet cleaner’s performance with BISSELL Oxy Boost Carpet Cleaning Formula Enhancer. Simply add to your tank along with formula and clean like you normally would. The oxygen in the enhancer creates a reaction with the stain on contact to remove even tough, set-in stains. It’s a difference you can see.

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Official Nilfisk bags for the Action Plus Vacuum Cleaner

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Miele GN Hyclean Vacuum Bags $29.99
SKU: 7259302 | Supplier Code: 09917730 Quick View

Increased capacity thanks to the Hyclean 3D technology, means the new New SoftStructure material offers reduced air resistance and hence greater permeability, guaranteeing optimum cleaning performance even with low motor power input.

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Electrolux Classic Long Performance Vacuum Cleaner Bags $16.79
SKU: 9056851 | Supplier Code: E201S Quick View

s-bag® Classic Long Performance is the original standard synthetic vacuum bag designed for most ELECTROLUX vacuum cleaners: AirMax/GREEN, Bolido, Clario, Clario2, ErgoSpace/GREEN, Essensio, Excellio, JetMaxx/GREEN, Maximus, Mondo Plus, Oxy3system, Oxygen, Oxygen+, Superpro, UltraOne/GREEN, UltraSilencer/GREEN, Viva Control, Viva Quickstop, PURED9 The unique features of the s-bag® Classic Long Performance are: Long lasting performance: s-bag® Classic Long Performance lasts 50% longer than traditional vacuum cleaner paper bags.

60% more suction power: the resistant synthetic material of s-bag® Classic Long Performance ensures optimum air flow and gives your vacuum cleaner constant suction power as the dust bag fills up.

High filtration capacity: the synthetic material of this vacuum bag filters up to 99% of particles as small as 1 micron (15 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair). It filters the air 60% more efficiently than a normal paper bag and helps you get rid of airborne particles such as allergens and some bacteria.

Hygienic and easy to change: designed with special folding and a unique patented hygienic cardboard, this vacuum bag is easy to fit in the cleaner, and hygienic as the bag automatically seals when removed, preventing any spillage and making bag changes quick and clean. TÜV certified: the TÜV Rheinland Group has independently tested and awarded certification of performance of the s-bag® Classic Long Performance. You can find more information on

s-bag® is also available in different materials to fit your needs and to optimise your vacuum cleaner performance: Anti-Odour, Anti-Allergy and Ultra Long Performance.

For optimum performance, bags should be changed regularly and filters should be changed with every 4th vacuum bag. All filters should be replaced at least twice a year or when they become visibly soiled. The use of non genuine s-bag® vacuum bags may adversely affect the performance of your vacuum cleaner.

This pack includes 4 s-bag® Classic Long Performance vacuum cleaner synthetic bags.

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Bissell Pet & Odour Formula $21.99
SKU: 7491038 | Supplier Code: 99K5E Quick View

Pet Stain & Odour 2X - Advanced formula Deep cleans and removes tough pet stains and odours

Contains Scotchgard™ protector to revitalise carpet

Safe for all full sized deep cleaners

  • Contains Scotchgard™ protector to revitalize carpet
  • Safe in all full-sized deep cleaners

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Electrolux Pure D9™ Performance Kit $49.99
SKU: 9056005 | Supplier Code: ESKD9 Quick View

4x s-bag® ultra long performance. HIGH performance synthetic material
Up to 80% longer life than any average paper bag
2x more suction power
High filtration with excellent air flow
Optimal capacity: 5 litre dust bag
Approved by TÜV Rheinland Group - independent test institute

Powerflow™ - Innovative side-folding
More capacity vs. a flat bag
Flexible and easy to fit.
1 x s-filter® Hygiene. s-filter Hygiene that captures even the very finest particles e.g. pollen, mould spores, dust mite faeces and allergens. The s-filterHygiene leaves the vacuum cleaner reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

4x s-fresh™ sachets Citrus Burst . The s-fresh® range has been created to fragrance your home whilst cleaning, giving you not only a clean home but a lovely scented one too.
1 x Motor Filter. Genuine motor filter that cuts to size for Electrolux vacuum cleaners. Electrolux has specifically designed high quality filters to protect your vacuum cleaner’s motor from dust particles. The high grade of material, used for our genuine bags and filters, provides your vacuum cleaner with strong airflow and high suction power as well as a high filtration level and maximum dust retention.

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Nilfisk Elite Microfibre Vacuum Cleaner Bags $24.99
SKU: 8578429 | Supplier Code: 107407940 Quick View

Official Nilfisk Microfibre Bags for Elite, King and Extreme Vacuums

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Electrolux UltraFlex Starter Kit $49.99
SKU: 9029813 | Supplier Code: USK11ANZ Quick View
Bissell 2X Allergen Removal Formula $21.99
SKU: 7491053 | Supplier Code: 89Q5E Quick View

2X Allergen Removal formula contains no heavy metals, phosphates or dyes and has biodegradable detergents. The bottle contains a minimum of 25% post-consumer recycled plastic. And like all BISSELL 2X carpet cleaning formulas, you use half as much to get the same cleaning power. This reduces the amount of packaging needed, and saves you the inconvenience and cost of buying more packages of the same formula.

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Electrolux Ergorapido & Rapido Filters 2pack $19.95
SKU: 9030195 | Supplier Code: EF144A Quick View

Ergorapido & Rapido Filters. Consists of 2 replacement inner filters for ZB3004, ZB3010, ZB3012, ZB3013, ZB6106, ZB6114 & ZB6118

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Bissell Spot Stain & Odour Formula $21.99
SKU: 8877276 | Supplier Code: 79B9E Quick View

Maximises the performance of compact carpet shampooer machines

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Electrolux H13 Hepa Filter $59.99
SKU: 9030078 | Supplier Code: EFH13WAPAC Quick View

Genuine washable HEPA 13 filter for Electrolux vacuum cleaners Accelerator, AirMax/GREEN, Bolido, Clario, Classic Silence, Cyclone Power,CycloneXL, Ergobox, ErgoSpace/GREEN, Essensio, Excellio, JetMaxx/GREEN,Maximus, Oxygen+, Oxygen, Smartvac & Powersystem, SuperCyclone, TwinClean, UltraActive/GREEN, UltraOne/GREEN, UltraSilencer/GREEN, VivaControl, Viva QuickstopElectrolux has specifically designed high quality filters to fit yourvacuum cleaner and maintain its best performance.

A HEPA filter captures even the very finest particles e.g. pollen, mouldspores, dust mite faeces and allergens. The filter leaves thevacuum cleaner reducing the risk of allergic reactions. s-filter® has been awarded the ECARF Quality Seal for its excellentfiltration performance. ECARF stands for the European Centre for AllergyResearch Foundation. For more information please go to a dust-free environment will enable everyone in your family tobreathe easier and feel better.

The high grade of material, used for our genuine bags and filters,provides your vacuum cleaner with strong airflow and high suction power aswell as a high filtration level and maximum dust retention.

To ensure the performance of your cleaner, we recommend you to wash this HEPA filter each time it gets visibly soiled. Wash under a tap and let the filter dry before putting it back. For optimum performance of your vacuum cleaner, your dustbag should be changed regularly and your filters should be changed every 5 dustbags. All filters should be replaced at least twice a year or when they become visibly soiled.

Use of non original Electrolux dust bags and filters may adversely affect the performance of your vacuum cleaner.

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Electrolux Clean & Tidy Kit $129.00
SKU: 9029953 | Supplier Code: KIT12 Quick View

The Clean & Tidy - KIT12 gives you an additional tool for above-the-floor surfaces in and around your home. It removes fine particles and dust from delicate surfaces and can easily reach into corners and narrow spaces. The MiniTurbo tool enables you to clean difficult areas such as stairs and car seats.

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Karcher Glass Cleaner Concentrate 20ml $19.99
SKU: 8416323 | Supplier Code: 62953020 Quick View

Kärcher glass cleaner is the perfect solution for perfectly streak-free windows and is ideal for use with the Kärcher window vac system.

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Electrolux USK6 Ultra Performer Starter Kit $59.99
SKU: 8407611 | Supplier Code: USK6 Quick View

Suitable for all Electrolux UltraPerformer and Ultra Active Vacuum Cleaners.

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Kärcher WD 3 Paper Bags 5 pack $21.90
SKU: 9059811 | Supplier Code: 6.959-130.0 Quick View

Two-ply paper filter bags with excellent filter capacity and high tear strength. Contains: 5 bags

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Electrolux Pure i9 Power Brush 4 Pack $79.99
SKU: 9050059 | Supplier Code: ERSB2 Quick View

Strong>Side PowerBrush
Gets deep into crevices and corners for precise edge cleaning. Tangle free design and magnetic snap on feature. Composed of extra soft bristles to care for delicate floors.

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