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What is EasyCard?

EasyCard is Smiths City’s own charge account card. Our EasyCard works just like a credit card – pay in full on the due date and pay no interest, or pay as little as $10 or 3% of the balance, with interest charged on the next statement.

Your EasyCard can be used at any Smiths City store across the country. Register your EasyCard online and you can also shop with your EasyCard here on our website.

What are some of the benefits?

  • Up to 50 days Interest Free when your balance is paid in full by the due date
  • No annual, booking, statement, or account maintenance fees to worry about
  • Fast and easy shopping with Smiths City, in-store and online
  • Exclusive cardholder offers and price promotions
  • A $20 voucher to use on your first purchase over $100 when you sign up!

How do I get my EasyCard?

There are three easy ways you can apply for your EasyCard:

  1. Apply online - you'll be done in minutes!
  2. Apply in-store when you visit your local Smiths City. Just talk to our friendly team about how to join.
  3. Ask us to email you an application form. Just send your contact details to:

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Don't have your EasyCard yet? Apply online in minutes.

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Are You Getting The Most From Your EasyCard?

Your EasyCard is so much more than a store charge account card. It's your key to VIP offers in-store AND online, exclusive shopping events, quick and easy access to your account balances, and speedy checkout experiences. And that's just the start!

Here are our 3 top tips for making the most of your EasyCard:

  1. Register your EasyCard for online shopping - so you never miss out on a deal.
  2. Keep tabs on your EasyCard's available credit and account balance online - so you can always see how much you can shop now and pay later!
  3. Subscribe to hear about EasyCard VIP deals, exclusive shopping events, and other promotions by email.

Register your EasyCard online
Register your EasyCard

Register your EasyCard online

EasyCard is so much more than a store charge account card. Register yours online today to make the most of your EasyCard.

Register your EasyCard
Check your EasyCard balance
Check your balance

Check your EasyCard balance

Your EasyCard's available credit and balance is always at your fingertips. Well, as long as your smartphone is, anyway.

Check your balance
Make the most of your EasyCard
Get started

Make the most of your EasyCard

VIP offers in-store AND online, exclusive shopping events, online access to your account balances. Get set up to make the most of your EasyCard.

Get started

Be in to win an Acer 11.6" Chromebook

Dreaming of the kids being back at school? Start planning for it. Register your EasyCard online this January for your chance to win.

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