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57 Products Available
Bosch Series 4 | 14 Place Setting Freestanding Dishwasher - SMS4HVI01A $1,899.00
SKU: 9068019 | Supplier Code: SMS4HVI01A Quick View

Dishwasher with Wifi connectivity and flexible loading.

  • ExtraDry: option for additional drying.
  • VarioFlex-baskets and VarioDrawer: enhanced re-adjusting options with more space on all levels.
  • Rackmatic: top basket adjustable on three levels offers additional space, especially for tall dishes.
  • Home Connect: home appliances with smart connectivity for an easier everyday life.
  • Favourite function: personalized function by just one touch even for downloaded programs.

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Bosch Series 6 | 14 Place Setting Freestanding Dishwasher - SMS6HAI01A $2,499.00
SKU: 9068020 | Supplier Code: SMS6HAI01A Quick View

Wifi connected dishwasher with an Extra Clean zone in the upper basket for heavily soiled dishes.

  • ExtraDry: option for additional drying.
  • Max Flex baskets: flexible and stable loading for your dishes, with superior sliding performance.
  • Rackmatic: top basket adjustable on three levels offers additional space, especially for tall dishes.
  • Silence Plus: remarkably quiet at 44dB.
  • Home Connect: home appliances with smart connectivity for an easier everyday life.

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Bosch Series 8 9kg Front Load Washing Machine - WAV28M40AU $3,199.00
SKU: 9067155 | Supplier Code: WAV28M40AU Quick View

The Serie 8 washer with 4 AntiStain programmes and 4D Wash System with Intensive Plus provides spotless results even with the most challenging loads. The 4D Wash system adds a new dimension to your wash. Our highly efficient 4D Wash System is combining the Direct Water Spray with extra Spin Wash for the most efficient and effective use of detergent and water. The result: a spotless wash, even when the drum is fully loaded thanks to its highly efficient water and detergent distribution. For very heavily soiled garments, you may need an extra boost. Simply select the 4D Wash System Intensive Plus exclusive option to intensify the washing cycle.

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Bosch 71L Built-in Oven - HBA534ES0A $2,299.00
SKU: 9060037 | Supplier Code: HBA534ES0A Quick View

The built-in oven with 3D hot air: achieve perfect baking and roasting results on up to three levels simultaneously.


  • Pop-out controls: for an easy to clean fascia panel.
  • EcoClean Direct: almost no cleaning is necessary thanks to a special coating of the rear wall that automatically absorbs grime.
  • GranitEnamel: very easy to clean interior thanks to smooth surfaces and no sharp edges.
  • 1-level telescopic rail: for safe, easy insertion and removal of baking trays.

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Bosch Series 4 14 Place Setting Built Under Dishwasher - SMU4HVS01A $2,099.00
SKU: 9068022 | Supplier Code: SMU4HVS01A Quick View
Bosch 34L / 71L Built-in Pyrolytic Double Oven - MBG5787S0A $5,299.00
SKU: 9058217 | Supplier Code: MBG5787S0A Quick View

Never clean your oven again thanks to pyrolytic self-cleaning
With pyrolytic self-cleaning, tiring, time-consuming cleaning is carried out automatically – without the use of chemical cleaning products. Depending on the degree of soiling, the appliance heats up to max. 480°C. All that's left is a bit of ash which is easy to remove.

Meat Probe takes guesswork out of cooking.
The built-in roast thermometer is perfect for maintaining the right temperature in the food – just insert into the food, connect with the oven and select the required core temperature. In this way, for example, your roasts or fillets will always be perfectly tender using the soft cooking method.

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Bosch 60cm Gas Cooktop - PCH6A5B90A $1,499.00
SKU: 9039932 | Supplier Code: PCH6A5B90A Quick View

FlameSelect: for a precise adjustment of the flame in nine defined levels.

Wok burner: powerful cooking at up to 13.6 Mj/h.

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Bosch Serie 6 10kg Front Load Washing Machine - WGA254U0AU $1,697.00
SKU: 9068082 | Supplier Code: WGA254U0AU Quick View

AntiStain function removes the four most common stains. Oil, blood, Red Wine and Grass by adjusting the water. ActiveWater Plus function which uses pressure and water sensor that measures the washing load and adjusts water intake to 256 precise levels for more cost and water savings. Using the EcoSilence Drive, delivering extremely energy-efficient and quiet in operation with an especially long life.

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Bosch Series 8 14 Place Setting Freestanding Dishwasher - SMS8EDI01A $3,299.00
SKU: 9068021 | Supplier Code: SMS8EDI01A Quick View
Bosch 90cm Dual Fuel Freestanding Oven - HSB738357AU $4,499.00
SKU: 9026673 | Supplier Code: HSB738357A Quick View

The electric Range Cooker with up to 8 heating modes and gas cooktop: lets you cook like a professional.

  • The stainless-steel gas cooktop: its high quality and premium design lets you enjoy cooking longer.
  • Low profile stainless steel cooking surface is easily accessible and quick to clean.
  • High-quality materials and workmanship – continuous cast-iron pan supports.

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Bosch 8kg Heat Pump Dryer - WTX88M20AU $3,599.00
SKU: 9067156 | Supplier Code: WTX88M20AU Quick View

The most efficient Bosch heat Pump dryer with 10 Energy Stars. AutoDry saves time and energy by automatically stopping the drying process once it's complete, it sensors constantly measure the temperature and remaining moisture to protect your laundry from excessively high temperatures.

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Bosch Series 4 | 14 Place Setting Built Under Dishwasher - SMU4HTS01A $1,999.00
SKU: 9068072 | Supplier Code: SMU4HTS01A Quick View
Bosch Stacking Kit WTZ20410 $149.00
SKU: 8654139 | Supplier Code: WTZ20410 Quick View

Connection set, suits all Dryers (except WTA74200AU) with all Bosch Washing Machines

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Bosch PowerProtect Dust Bag - BBZ41FGALL $24.99
SKU: 9049061 | Supplier Code: BBZ41FGALL Quick View

Exceptional tear resistance: Original dust bags are extremely robust thanks to the strong & tear resistant fleece material

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Bosch Stacking Kit WTZ11400 $219.00
SKU: 8803892 | Supplier Code: WTZ11400 Quick View

Bosch WTZ11400 Stacking Kit with slide out shelf. Suitable for WAY washers & WTY dryer.

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Bosch Stacking Kit WTZ27400 $269.00
SKU: 9063749 | Supplier Code: WTZ27400 Quick View

Stacking kit with slide-out shelf. Suitable for WTR85T00AU, WTX88M20AU & WTX88MH0AU models.

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Bosch Series 6 15 Place Setting Freestanding Dishwasher - SMS6HCB01A $2,799.00
SKU: 9076392 | Supplier Code: SMS6HCB01A Quick View

Connected dishwasher with an intensive cleaning zone for difficult to clean dishes.

  • ExtraDry: selectable option for additional drying.
  • Max Flex baskets: flexible and stable loading for your dishes, with superior sliding performance.
  • Silence Plus: the remarkably quiet 44 dB dishwasher.
  • Home Connect: home appliances with smart connectivity for an easier everyday life.
  • Extra Clean Zone: extra cleaning for items in your top basket.

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Bosch Unlimited Rechargeable Vacuum - BBS711AU $699.00
SKU: 9075509 | Supplier Code: BBS711AU Quick View

Effortless handling, ergonomic features for high convenience and flexibility.
Enjoy more versatility! The convenient Flex Tube makes it possible to reach places under low furniture effortlessly, the Easy Parking Clip lets you securely hold the vacuum in place during breaks, and the Quick Stand allows flexible cleaning with the handheld while the nozzle and tube stand by themselves. With the Nozzle Foot Release you can detach the nozzle from the tube without bending over to easily switch to spot cleaning with the practical tube. This makes the Unlimited 7 perfect for cleaning all types of floors and surfaces, as well as hard-to-reach areas.

Power for ALL Alliance
Most devices have different batteries, which can be inconvenient. The exchangeable Power for ALL batteries are part of the 18-Volt Bosch Home & Garden cordless system (green product line). They are compatible with many different power tools & gardening devices from Bosch.

3.0 Ah Battery
Enjoy up to 33% more runtime for up to 100 sqm. With the powerful and enduring 3.0 Ah Power For All battery from Bosch, even demanding cleaning tasks can be mastered effortlessly. The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, exchangeable and protected against overheating, overcharging, self-discharge and memory effect.

AllFloor DynamicPower Brush with LED lights.
Enjoy optimal cleaning results on all floors and surfaces and even in the darkest places. With the powerful motorized brush, you can achieve dust pickup of up to 99.9%. Thanks to the powerful built-in LED lights, you can spot and remove dirt and dust even in hard-to-see places like behind furniture or in dark corners. So you can feel comfortable in a clean home in no time.

TurboSpin Motor (3.0 Ah)
There's no compromise on performance with our brushless TurboSpin motor. It was developed and manufactured by Bosch in Germany and it has passed many tests to ensure lasting quality. What's more, the 3-phase synchronized digital motor is highly efficient, 21% faster and 31% lighter - at up to 66,000 rpm - for easy handling and impressive cleaning performance every time.

10-year motor guarantee
Enjoy powerful, constant performance with Bosch vacuum cleaners: Developing and producing our high-performance motors in Germany for over 80 years, we not only expect a vacuum cleaner to deliver optimal results but also to be long-lasting. Which is why we provide a 10-year motor guarantee**.

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Bosch Series 6 ProAnimal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner $699.00
SKU: 9075508 | Supplier Code: BGS41PETAU Quick View

Bosch ProAnimal vacuums are designed for pet hair cleaning, even on upholstery and carpet. Beyond faster pet hair removal, our ProAnimal bagless vacuums come with minimal follow-up costs thanks to the reusable dust box.

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Bosch Series 6 ProAnimal Bagged Vacuum Cleaner $799.00
SKU: 9075507 | Supplier Code: BGL6PETAU Quick View

A vacuum solution for pet hair. Bosch ProAnimal vacuums are designed for pet hair cleaning, even on upholstery and carpet. Choose our model with cleverly designed brushes that help animal lovers conquer the shed.

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