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18 Products Available
Samsung 2.1 Channel Wireless Soundbar - HW-M360 $449.00
SKU: 9037355 | Supplier Code: HW-M360/XY Quick View
LG 140W 2.0CH Soundbar Wireless Rear Speaker Kit - SPK8-S $199.00
SKU: 9049550 | Supplier Code: SPK8-S.DAUSLLK Quick View

Expand Your Sound
Pair the LG Rear Speaker Kit to an SK10Y, SK9Y, SK8Y, SK6Y or SK5Y Sound Bar for a true cinematic home theatre surround sound experience.

Surround Sound Expansion
LG Sound Bars can fill a room with thrilling, immersive virtual surround audio. But select models can also be upgraded to true surround sound via these add-on rear channel speakers (Sound bar sold separately).

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Samsung 5.1.2Ch Atmos Soundbar - HW-N850 $1,699.00
SKU: 9052779 | Supplier Code: HW-N850/XY Quick View

A masterful sound experience
By combining Samsung's innovative mastery in home entertainment solutions with 65 years of Harmon Kardon's audio technical expertise, the two brands continue to push boundaries to bring state-of-the-art sound to the home entertainment experience.

Experience immersive surround sound
The Soundbar delivers true cinematic surround sound in your living room. Sound moves around you thanks to up-firing and side-firing speakers that provide a full 5.1.2ch atmospheric audio experience. Can you feel it? Let the sound take you there.

True 5.1.2ch sound
Be surrounded by a complete audio environment with the 5.1.2ch Soundbar, powered by up-firing and side-firing speakers. With object-based sound playbacks like Dolby Atmos®, DTS: X, and MPEG-H, you can experience captivating entertainment.

Up-firing speakers
Powerful sound waves shot to the ceiling make your audio seem like it’s dropping in from above. Amazing overhead sound for a deep cinematic experience in the heart of your space.

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Samsung 5.1Ch Soundbar - HW-N650
SKU: 9049518 | Supplier Code: HW-N650/XY Quick View

Don’t let your audio stand still. Samsung Acoustic Beam technology mixes and delivers the sound so it appears to come precisely from where the action is happening on screen. Perfect for movie and gaming, this sound will really move you.

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Pioneer SBX-101 Soundbar $399.00
SKU: 9046356 | Supplier Code: SBX-101 Quick View

Not feeling a complete movie experience? Popular Music Video sounds dull and soft? It’s time to upgrade the sound system for your TV! With the latest Pioneer Speaker Bar System SBX-101, it delivers big, immersive sound in a relatively affordable package, making it worthy of your living room, no matter what your needs are. Whether you're watching an explosive action movie or just kicking back with some music, the SBX-101 has enough deep bass and crisp highs to make all of your media shine. Although the SBX-101 has a slim and lightweight design, it provides stunning sound, with a wide range of connectivity for most TV and AV products in the market to maximize compatibility. With a wireless connected subwoofer, the position of the speaker can be more flexible. You can easily play music files via the USB interface. In addition, with the built-in Bluetooth® function, you can also stream music from your smart phone with ease.

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LG SJ4 Sound Bar 300W $549.00
SKU: 9037032 | Supplier Code: SJ4 Quick View

High-Resolution Audio, hear lifelike audio
Play WAV, FLAC and ALAC formats, as well as files of up to 24-bit and 96 KHz. These types of files provide higher fidelity and can sound more lifelike than CDs.

Wireless Subwoofer, superb bass without wires
Place the subwoofer where it looks and sounds the best without the worries of wires.

Adaptive Sound Control, right sound for any content
Adaptive sound control(ASC) analyzes content in real time. When ASC detects that you are listening to Dialog it automatically adjusts to allow you crystal clear dialog, when it senses action it raises the sub for more impact.

Auto Sound Engine, sound balance at any volume
LG Auto Sound Engine optimizes your sound at any volume level and maintains precise frequencies at all times. This provides the appropriate sound balance regardless of the volume.

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Panasonic 2.1 Channel Soundbar + Wireless Subwoofer SC-HTB488GNK
SKU: 9037129 | Supplier Code: SC-HTB488GNK Quick View

The new HTB488 TV soundbar delivers immersive cinema audio and Bluetooth with a 2.1 channel sound system boosted by a wireless subwoofer. You'll also love the system's compact and stylish profile, designed to complement the latest Panasonic television range.

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Samsung 3.1Ch Soundbar - HW-N550 $749.00
SKU: 9049517 | Supplier Code: HW-N550/XY Quick View

Elevate your TV's sound
Experience firsthand how far sound can go. Get a wide range of sound and pack your room with powerful, booming bass. And with the built-in centre speaker, you can enjoy crystal clear dialogue.

Centre channel for clear dialogue
Experience crystal clear dialogue from a dedicated centre channel. Helping provide balanced sound from one end to the other, the Soundbar can complete your home entertainment experience beautifully.

Powerful bass
Don’t let wires get in the way of your bass. Set the wireless subwoofer almost anywhere in your space and immerse yourself in powerful, deep-sounding bass.

Wireless TV connection
Connect the Soundbar to your Samsung TV with ease and without the clutter of wires via Bluetooth®. Enjoy your content quickly, with clear, impactful sound.*

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Panasonic 80W 2ch Soundbar - SC-HTB200GNK $249.99
SKU: 9052396 | Supplier Code: SC-HTB200GNK Quick View

The ultimate TV companion in design and sound. Shaped in a more user-friendly way, this compact sound bar reproduces sound that is clear and powerful enhancing your TV experience.

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Wharfedale Vista 200 Soundbar System $699.00
SKU: 9051643 | Supplier Code: VISTA 200S Quick View

Low Profile Placement; High Performance Audio
With the current trend for high definition ultra-thin TV’s, Wharfedale proudly announces the VISTA 200 to enhance your cinematic experience further. Now the latest evolution of Wharfedale’s soundbar technology the Vista 200 delivers a warm, rich and highly intelligible sound quality that automatically upgrades the listening experience.

Plug And Play
Setting up the VISTA 200 could not be easier, equipped with both HDMI and fibre optic connections, it is as simple plug and play!

Drop The Bass With VISTA 200S
Taking it to the next level with the addition of a 6.5? subwoofer. The VISTA 200 soundbar and sub-woofer connects wirelessly, working in harmony to deliver every spine crunching, crash or explo-sions just as it was intended. The Bluetooth technology not only enables a wireless connection between the soundbar and sub-woofer but is ideal for connecting smart phones and tablets making the VISTA 200S a versatile system equally capable as a conventional hi-fi setup.

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LG 500W 5.1.2CH Soundbar with Dolby Atmos® - SK9
SKU: 9049549 | Supplier Code: SK9Y.DAUSLLK Quick View

Dolby Atmos®
Dolby Atmos® produces breathtaking sound quality that delivers impressive clarity, richness, detail & depth for an immersive experience.

Total Power & Channel Output
Add more power to your movie, TV or gaming experience with 500W total power, 5.1.2 Ch. You can also add rear speakers* for an extra 2 Ch & 140W.

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Panasonic Home Cinema System SC-HTB688 $549.00
SKU: 9037130 | Supplier Code: SC-HTB688GNK Quick View

The elegant, compact HTB688 is a perfect match for your TV HDMI CEC compatibility provides easy operation and the 3.1- Channel High-Quality Sound System with wireless subwoofer optimizes theater sound.

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Samsung 3Ch Sound+ Slim Soundbar - HW-NW700 $1,099.00
SKU: 9052758 | Supplier Code: HW-NW700/XY Quick View

The science of sound
Tested and tuned at the California Audio Lab, where our audio engineers apply the most advanced acoustic technologies and cutting-edge computer modeling to give you perfectly balanced, room-filling sound.

The way sound should sound
Bring your space to life with an outstanding home theater sound that’s detailed and rich, even without a separate subwoofer. The one body Soundbar surrounds your space with deep bass and clear sound.

Slim. Simple. And great sound.
This Soundbar is a perfect match for your wall-mounted TV. With its slim body and Clear Connection it blends well and provides powerful performance. Just a great look with outstanding sound quality.

Mount your Soundbar in a few quick steps
Designed for convenience, setting up the Soundbar is easier than ever with the clip-on wall-mount kit. You can also unclip the Soundbar from the wall-mount to connect or disconnect cables, all without having to unscrew everything.

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LG 360W 2.1CH Soundbar with DTS Virtual:X™ & Wi-Fi Built-In - SK6 $799.00
SKU: 9049548 | Supplier Code: SK6Y.DAUSLLK Quick View

DTS Virtual:X™ DTS Virtual:X technology gives you a rich immersive surround-sound like experience, without the need for multiple speakers.

Total Power & Channel Output Add more power to your movie, TV or gaming experience with 360W total power, 2.1 Ch. You can also add rear speakers* for an extra 2Ch & 140W.

Adaptive Sound Control Adaptive Sound Control identifies what's playing and automatically adjusts the sound setting to enhance the sound experience.

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LG 360W 2.1CH Soundbar with DTS Virtual:X™ - SK5
SKU: 9049547 | Supplier Code: SK5Y.DAUSLLK Quick View

LG SK5Y Sound Bar
The LG SK5Y Soundbar comes with DTS Virtual:X™ technology which gives you a surround-sound like experience, without the multiple speakers and Adaptive Sound Control which automatically adjusts the sound mode to enhance audio clarity.

DTS Virtual:X™
DTS Virtual:X technology gives you a rich immersive surround-sound like experience, without the need for multiple speakers.

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Panasonic SC-ALL70TG Multiroom Sound Bar
SKU: 9030604 | Supplier Code: SC-ALL70TGNK Quick View

More than just a Sound Bar

The ALL Connected Sound Bar ALL70T, which is a 3/1 Channel high-quality sound system, provides versatile, multi-room playback of music sources. When combined with the ALL2, it delivers 5.1-channel surround sound.

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Denon Heos Bar - Black $1,699.99
SKU: 9043218 | Supplier Code: HEOSBARB Quick View

The HEOS Bar delivers exceptional performance to enhance the sound from a TV or Blu-ray player, while retaining the elegance of a slimline soundbar – and the ability to act as an audio streaming solution.

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LG 5.1.2CH High Res Audio Soundbar with Meridian Technology - SK10 $1,999.00
SKU: 9049546 | Supplier Code: SK10Y.PACKAGE Quick View

Dolby Atmos®
Dolby Atmos® produces breathtaking sound quality that delivers impressive clarity, richness, detail & depth for an immersive experience.

Meridian Technology
We've partnered with Meridian, the pioneers of high resolution audio to bring you heart stopping, high-fidelity sound with improved clarity.

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