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    Personal Grooming

    • Hair Care
    • $100 - $500
    • Breville
    • Remington
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Remington presents Curl & Straight Confidence, the 2-in-1 solution for your bouncy curls, soft waves or sleek straight styles.

The Curl & Straight Confidence features unique twisted plates which intuitively guide you to create your best styles with ease. The twisted plates are coated with Advanced Ceramic infused with anti-static tourmaline, provides you the smooth glides without the frizz. The smooth, rounded outside housing instantly cools hair and sets long-lasting curls.

150°C-230°C digital variable heat settings for all hair styles, memory function so it remembers your last used temperature and turbo boost of 230°C if you want a quick touch up!

Creating the desired looks has never been easier.

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The Soft Top® Luxe includes a soft open lid to stagger hot steam and prevent hot water splash back. Constructed with brushed stainless steel in premium metallic finishes and chrome accents using BPA Free materials.

*Laboratory tests show water not containing BPA that is boiled in this kettle will be BPA Free to a resolution of one part per million.

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