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2 Products Available
Segway Adult Helmet Black (Large) $67.00
SKU: 9075409 | Supplier Code: SEGB.00.0011.93 Quick View

Protect that which matters most, while you enjoy the powerful mobility and enhanced features Segway has to offer.

Keep Yourself Protected in Style

Manual helmet bonding and an integrated molding process make for a feather-light, comfortable helmet that'll absorb any shock the road might throw your way, with a breathable design that keeps you feeling breezy.

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Livall Evo 21 Helmet - Black (Large)
$147.00 $127.00
Contact us for availability.
SKU: 9075404 | Supplier Code: LEVO21DN-L Quick View

LIVALL EVO21 combines the aggressive aerodynamics and seductive lines of the world of time trial cycling with intelligent active safety technology.

The LIVALL EVO21 smart helmet LED warning lights combined with SOS fall detection and location alert technology provide superior visibility & confidence for today’s cyclists.

The aero design of the helmet optimizes air resistance and reduces perspiration through a system of inner channels.

Gold iF Design Award Winners

Winner of the Gold iF Design Award 2021, LIVALL EVO 21 combines the aggressive aerodynamics and seductive lines of the world of time trial cycling with intelligent active safety technology that escapes the peloton and goes where others simply cannot.

EVO 21 harmonizes a spectacular design with the unique features of a LIVALL smart helmet.

Where the traditional helmet is a merely reactive protection element, LIVALL EVO 21 is a proactive device that anticipates the accident in order to save lives.

Always Visible with Smart Lighting

EVO21 incorporates a Smart LED lighting system, which exponentially increases the visibility of the user in traffic.

It combines the front white light LED strip with the rear LED light system which allows for 360° of maximum visibility.

Other brands claim to give you 360° visibility, but they often fall short.

The EVO21 offers true 360° coverage. Plus, three dynamic light effects will make sure you get noticed on any street, improving your visibility and helping you ride in style.

The helmet features an accelerometer that detects vehicle deceleration, which activates the brake lights for 8 seconds, thus alerting nearby vehicles and pedestrians.

The handlebar-mounted control system allows you to use the turn signal lights at the back of the helmet, notifying traffic you are about to make a turn.

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$147.00 $127.00 Contact us for availability.