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What is Interest Free?

Interest Free finance gives you an affordable way to get what you want now without paying more than you need to upfront. As long as you meet your minimum monthly repayments within your interest free term, you'll pay no interest on your purchase, leaving more money in your pocket. Want to get ahead even further and faster? The choice is yours. Try to make additional repayments as you go - with Smiths City Finance, there's no penalty for repaying your purchase early.

With Smiths City Finance you can purchase everything for every space in your home under one contract. You don’t need multiple credit contracts for goods purchased at the same time from different departments within our stores, and your contract will provide the certainty of one fixed monthly instalment, with repayment options tailored to meet your current needs.

We'll work with you to match you to the best finance option for you and your lifestyle, including the interest free term that fits your needs.

We also have other finance options including EasyCard with no fees (other than fees payable on default) and no minimum transaction, Laybuy, WeChat Pay, AliPay and lay-by facilities that are available for purchases less than $499.

All finance offers are subject to our credit criteria, fees, terms and conditions. Credit fees comprising an establishment fee of $45 and account maintenance fees of $3.75 per month apply. In circumstances of default, a $19 notification fee may apply. Weekly payments are based on a fixed term of up to 60 months term and include credit fees. Prevailing Interest Rate (currently 23.95% with Smiths City Finance) applies to any unpaid balance during or at the end of your Interest Free term.

Apple products, selected computers, game consoles, gift cards, clearance items, and some promotional items such as "Everyday Low Price" are not available in conjunction with discounts or Interest Free offers.

Fees and Charges

Minimum monthly payments are required but you won't be charged interest if you pay off your purchase before the expiry of the interest free period. Interest is charged on the amount of any unpaid minimum payments and from the end of the interest free term on any unpaid balance remaining. The current interest rate is 23.95%.

Standard fees and charges apply including

Establishment Fee
$45.00 – to process your account application, this is a one-time fee you pay when you make your purchase

Maintenance Fee
Maintenance fee of $3.75 per month.

Notification Fee
In circumstances of default, a $19 notification fee may apply.

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*Apple, selected computers, game consoles, gift cards, clearance items and some promotional items are not available in conjunction with interest free offers. Flooring available on a maximum of 18 months interest free. Exclusions, fees, terms, conditions and credit criteria apply. Equal instalment amounts include one-off booking fee of $45.00, and a maintenance fee of $3.75 per month. The current interest rate of 23.95% applies to any unpaid minimum payments during the interest free period, and any balance after the expiry of (any) interest free period. In circumstances of default, a $19 notification fee may apply.