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Now that you're signed up for email statements, you can look forward to:
  • Getting your EasyCard statements quickly, easily, and conveniently each month
  • Less paper cluttering up your kitchen bench each month
  • Always knowing exactly where to find your statements (in your inbox!)
  • Keeping tabs on your EasyCard account in a way that's kind to our environment

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Let's make sure you're getting the most from your EasyCard

Your EasyCard is so much more than a store charge account card. It's your key to VIP offers in-store AND online, exclusive shopping events, quick and easy access to your account balances, and speedy checkout experiences. And that's just the start!

Here are our 3 top tips for making the most of your EasyCard:

  1. Register your EasyCard for online shopping - so you never miss out on a deal.
  2. Keep tabs on your EasyCard's available credit and account balance online - so you can always see how much you can shop now and pay later!
  3. Subscribe to hear about EasyCard VIP deals, exclusive shopping events, and other promotions by email.

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