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7 Products Available
Led Lenser XEO 19R Rechargeable Headlamp $549.99
SKU: 8926545 | Supplier Code: LED 7319-R Quick View

The incredible NEW XEO 19R from LED LENSER'S German design team is the ultimate in headlamps. It is overflowing with features that deliver incomparable performance and usability.

With a mind-blowing 2000 lumens of brightness, and with a lamp head weighing just 193 g, it represents the next step in the evolution of headlamps. It features a world first - two LEDS that can be focused separately and their brightness controlled individually.Why choose between a floodlight or focused spotlight when now you can have both at once?

The XEO 19R is packed full of features. It is incredibly easy to operate with a NEW 5-way switch that lets you switch easily between the 5 different light functions. One of the light functions on offer is OPTISENSE technology, where the light automatically adjusts to the surrounding environment. Another LED LENSER innovation is Speed Cooling - as the speed of the user increases, the increased airflow helps to cool the headlamp. This allows the headlamp to generate brighter light at higher speeds.

The rechargeable power pack is detachable, enabling the XEO to easily change into a hand-held or bike light. You can also charge other devices like smartphones and digital cameras from it.

Ground-breaking. Revolutionary. Just what you expect from LED LENSER. 5 year warranty.

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Led Lenser P17.2 Handheld Light $239.99
SKU: 8667156 | Supplier Code: LED9417 Quick View

Great for those who prefer to carry a bigger torch. Long burn time on D cell batteries.

Covered by LED LENSER's 5 year warranty.

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Led Lenser SEO 5 Headlamp Grey $99.99
SKU: 8667230 | Supplier Code: LED6005 Quick View

The SEO 5 is a step up from the SEO 3 in terms of brightness and range. It is lightweight at only 105 grams with a front battery pack that fits snugly against your forehead. Featuring LED LENSER's patented Advanced Focus System, it offers a seamless transition from broad floodlight to focused long-distance beam.

Like all SEO models the SEO 5 offers the perfect combination of comfort and performance.

Comes with carabiner, batteries, washable headband and instruction manual.

5 year warranty

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Led Lenser P4 Handheld Light $50.99
SKU: 7424096 | Supplier Code: LED8404 Quick View

The perfect torch for engineers and technicians. No matter whether you are inspecting the undercarriage of a car or replacing a fuse – the P4 does a great job.

The torch can be easily attached to shirt or belt and is so light that you’ll hardly notice it. However, you will notice its brilliant, super-bright light which you can focus. The P4 is operated with two standard AAA batteries.

Covered by LED LENSER's 5 year warranty

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Led Lenser P7QC Quattro Colour Handheld Light $209.99
SKU: 8667065 | Supplier Code: LED9407-Q Quick View

A unique torch that offers unprecedented lighting performance with 4 different light colour options (red, green, blue and white). All colours offer 3 Smart Light Technology functions. The light colour can be selected by turning the torch head and you can change colours even when the light is on.

The 4 different light options offer great versatility:

RED LIGHT helps to preserve your night vision as your eyes do not react much to it.

GREEN LIGHT makes it easier to observe wildlife or hunt animals as it is almost impossible for animals to see green light so they are not disturbed by it.

BLUE LIGHT makes fluids such as blood or sweat appear black, providing a higher contrast than in white light so it is easier to recognise.

WHITE LIGHT still offers you an impressive 220 lumens of light if needed.

Covered by LED LENSER's 5 year warranty.

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Led Lenser P3 AFS Handheld Light Green $34.99
SKU: 8667180 | Supplier Code: LED1057 Quick View

Super efficient torch great for lighting small areas. Pumps out 25 lumens of light on 1 x AAA battery. Perfect for the pocket, handbag or gear bag.

Covered by LED LENSER's 5 year warranty.

Comes with:

  • pocket/belt clip
  • keyring attachment
  • belt sheath
  • lanyard
  • 1 x AAA battery
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    Tech Brands
    Tech Brands 90 Lumen Pen Light ST3466 $9.97
    SKU: 8978124 | Supplier Code: ST3466 Quick View

    A nifty little pen LED light with a magnetic pocket clip so you can have it illuminate in front of you while keeping both hands free. The COB (chip-on-board) LED provides a wide spread cool white light and runs up to 20 hours using 3 x AAA batteries.

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