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61 Products Available
Coleman Egmont 3 Tent $299.99
SKU: 7691199 | Supplier Code: COCTA1900XXXXX Quick View

The Egmont 3 tent from Coleman is a large single room tent with side windows and extended foyer. Designed with large D doors in the front and rear for easy access this tent has a floored front foyer area to keep the tent dry and clean. The colour coded poles ensure easy and correct set up. An all round well designed easy to use tent.

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Takahe 6 Family Dome Tent $699.00
SKU: 9043768 | Supplier Code: KC072-106 Quick View

Great weekend away family tent, with a bedroom on either side of living area and the ability to veranda out either side for extra shade.

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Coleman Event 14 Shade $349.99
SKU: 6251722 | Supplier Code: COCVS1702XXXXX Quick View

The Event 14 Shade from Coleman is great for sporting events, BBQ's, camping or just groups who need some shade. A large size for family or friends.

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OZ Trail
OzTrail Deluxe Gazebo Blue $399.99
SKU: 9045079 | Supplier Code: MPG-D30B-C Quick View

3 x 3 m. The standard for market stall tents & shelters - tough, durable & easy to set up marquee. Portable shade for camping or beach.

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Kea 3 Recreational Dome Tent $149.00
SKU: 9043876 | Supplier Code: KC072-390 Quick View

Great weekend away tent, compact and lightweight, with storage area and windows for ventilation.

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Speedy 2 Pop-Up Dome Tent $199.99
SKU: 9043883 | Supplier Code: SPE2MTL Quick View

Designed for lightweight camping convenience. Lighter, faster and easier to set up than other conventional tents. The tent not only sets up in seconds, it also has the fly attached which means it is ready to use instantly.

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Kotuku 4 Inflatable Dome Tent $999.00
SKU: 9043764 | Supplier Code: KC070-605 Quick View

Ideal weekend away tent for a couple with no time to spare. Quick and easy set up and pack up – one person can do.

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Takahe 10 Family Dome Tent $1,399.00
SKU: 9043766 | Supplier Code: KC072-118 Quick View

Designed for smaller camping sites, but still with all the features. Vertical height ensures bunks fit for the kids.

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Savanna 3.5 Deluxe Shelter $549.99
SKU: 9043816 | Supplier Code: KC074-170 Quick View

The Kiwi Camping Savanna 3.5 Deluxe is the ideal picnic, evening BBQ, sporting shelter or entertainment shelter at the campsite with plenty of space for all.

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Coleman Pop Up 2 Person Tent $149.99
SKU: 8696999 | Supplier Code: COCTAN420XXXXX Quick View

The Pop Up 2 Person Tent from Coleman is perfect for that quick late trip. Quickly ready and great use of space. Well ventilated with lots of options.

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Moa 10 Canvas Tent $2,999.00
SKU: 9043773 | Supplier Code: KC070-240 Quick View

Loads of room, with a bedroom on either side of the central living area and an extra large porch for extended living.

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Kea 4 Recreational Dome Tent $199.00
SKU: 8969958 | Supplier Code: KC072-127 Quick View

The ultimate recreational tent with 2 entrances and windows with vestibule for extra storage.

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Kea 6 Recreational Dome Tent $599.00
SKU: 9043880 | Supplier Code: KC072-389 Quick View

Spacious 2 room tent with high peaks. Frame system gives greater stability and ventilation ports ensure maximum comfort.

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Coleman Montana 12 Deluxe Tent $1,429.99
SKU: 7880750 | Supplier Code: COCTF1920XXXXX Quick View

The Montana 12 certainly lives up to its name as a Deluxe tent. This top of the line spacious three room family tent with bedrooms either side of a central sunroom/living area is awesome.The unique Hybrid style design gives increased internal tent volume and increased internal height - perfect.

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OZ Trail
OZtrail Tourer 450 Cabin Quick Pitch Tent $1,299.95
SKU: 8937500 | Supplier Code: DTF-T450-E Quick View

The Fast Frame series combines a swift set up frame design with loads of features and high quality materials. Our "Torsion" system is integrated into the design, to improve its stability through the set up and pack down process. The large awning area transforms the dome tent concept into what you would expect from a more expensive, heavy and large slow canvas tent!

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Heron Dome Tent $899.00
SKU: 9043874 | Supplier Code: KC072-418 Quick View

Safari style camping. Bedrooms at the back, living area in the middle and a covered porch to enjoy camping in all weather.

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Kea 5E Recreational Dome Tent $449.00
SKU: 9043879 | Supplier Code: KC072-370 Quick View

The ideal 'getaway' tent with 1 room and an extended vestibule with floor for extra storage.

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Kea 4E Recreational Dome Tent $299.00
SKU: 9043878 | Supplier Code: KC072-369 Quick View

The ultimate recreational tent with 2 entrances and an extended vestibule with floor for extra storage.

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Coleman Party Shade Deluxe with Sunwall $579.99
SKU: 8696965 | Supplier Code: COCVSN405XXXXX Quick View

Coleman’s unique ‘event’ design now comes in a compact version. Great shade for parties, picnics and outdoor events

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Coleman Aspiring CV Tent and Pole Set $3,629.99
SKU: 8175051 | Supplier Code: COCTCN255XXXXX Quick View

The Aspiring Canvas Tent is the newest model in the Coleman range. The Aspirings 3 room design with large bedrooms either side of living area and awnings front and rear is perfect for the family and flexibility. The living area is 6.8m x 2.4m. Total capacity is 686L which the 3 rooms of 210L + 266L + 210L. The patented hinged door is awesome for easier access.

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