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121 Products Available
Waeco CA-35 Camp Fridge $499.00
SKU: 7239742 | Supplier Code: CA35 Quick View

Bonus! Includes Hose and Regulator

The WAECO CombiCool Absorption Cooler offers a single cooling appliance for all situations. Switch from 12 V DC whilst on the road, in your car, caravan or motorhome, to LPG gas or 240 V mains at your destination.

The multi-purpose CA-35 is an efficient quick chiller. Extra-efficient insulation and an all-round rubber seal. Ready for connection to 240 volts AC mains power, 12 volts DC or LPG gas.

This low-priced absorption cooler has a cooling capacity of 25°C below ambient and is highly appreciated by motorhome owners, camping and outdoor enthusiasts alike, due to its versatility, functional design and robust cabinet.

The WAECO CombiCool CA-35 offers ideal cooling solutions, providing the ultimate freedom for your camping adventure with features such as a 2-sided evaporator for better temperature distribution, a separate ignition button for ease of use and a domestic refrigerator style gasket.

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Coleman 37L PowerChill™ Thermoelectric Cooler $399.99
SKU: 5456363 | Supplier Code: COCOT1115XXXXX Quick View

Iceless electric cooler cools to 18°C below surrounding temperature

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WAECO Fridge/Freezer 12/24v and 240v CFX-40 $1,399.99
SKU: 8496341 | Supplier Code: CFX-40 Quick View

The WAECO CFX-40 is a 41 litre portable compressor fridge/freezer with the very latest CFX VMS02 electronics. The appliance is supplied as standard with 12v/24v and 240v capability.

The energy efficient design enables this new model to to operate at - 50 degrees below ambient temperature, reaching -22 degrees C in a 32 degree C ambient . In these conditions the energy consumption on DC12v is an impressively low 0.74 ah/h

The system offers integrated soft touch controls , low voltage protection adjustable for leisure and start battery , reverse fuse polarity protection and ventilated wire tube condenser.

Other features include a detachable lid , removable inner basket , interior light , CFX VMS02 electronics with soft start and turbo cooling .

The CFX-40 carries a 3 year warranty with an additional warranty of 2 years on the compressor only.

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Tiny Tot Portable High Chair $99.99
SKU: 9043842 | Supplier Code: KC024-005 Quick View

The Tiny Tot Portable high chair is convenient for travelling and comes with a handy carry bag. It is easy to clean and quick to setup.

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Lax-Out Recliner $59.99
SKU: 9043850 | Supplier Code: KC024-237 Quick View

Spoil yourself with the perfect all-round chair. This chair has comfort and convenience

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Coleman CPX 6V Rechargeable Battery Pack $67.99
SKU: 8929994 | Supplier Code: COCLBN550XXXXX Quick View

A world first, this technology not only allows you to use power packs across multiple products, it also gives you the choice on how you wish to power your product - rechargeable or battery operated.

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Coleman CPX 6 1000 Lumen Lantern $159.99
SKU: 8929986 | Supplier Code: COCLBN430XXXXX Quick View

1000 lumens - A true milestone in battery lanterns and proof that Coleman® is the king of lighting

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi 3.5L Enamel Billy $29.99
SKU: 9043987 | Supplier Code: KC012-004 Quick View

Ideal for campsite set-ups or throwing in your backpack.

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Coleman 16 Can Soft Cooler $34.99
SKU: 8471815 | Supplier Code: COCOSN330XXXXX Quick View

This soft cooler will take up to 16 cans or a picnic for the family. Complete with handy shoulder strap and useful pockets inside and out for the important things like keys.

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Coleman 58L Xtreme Wheeled Cooler $279.99
SKU: 8697237 | Supplier Code: COCOHN396XXXXX Quick View

This range of coolers is engineered to keep your food and drinks cold for longer through innovative design and a greater volume of insulation in the case and lid. Coleman Xtreme Cooler keeps ice up to 5 days at 32°C

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Event Chair $59.99
SKU: 9043841 | Supplier Code: KC024-110 Quick View

Perfect for use at concerts and outdoor events.

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Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Epic Chair $99.99
SKU: 9043840 | Supplier Code: KC024-113 Quick View

You'll never want to get out of this chair! Double-padded for extra comfort, and complete with a drinks cooler, cup holder and a handy space for magazines.

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Coghlans Nylon Paracord 50' Olive $25.99
SKU: 8535155 | Supplier Code: COG1454 Quick View

This cord is great for outdoor camping, hunting, tactical, survival bracelets and more. The Type III Commercial Grade 550 Cord features seven individual inner core strands. The inner core strands not only serve to add strength, but sections of the core can be used as sewing thread, fishing lines, and many other survival uses.

This is a “must have product” for campers, hunters and backpackers. Useful for shelter building, gear repair, snares and traps. Will not rot and won't go mouldy.

  • Overall length: 15.25 m (50')
  • Safe working load: 249.5 kg
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    Kiwi Camping
    Kiwi 20L Solar Shower $14.99
    SKU: 9044004 | Supplier Code: KC010-101 Quick View

    Simply place in sunlight to heat water for a hot shower at the campsite.

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    Kiwi Camping
    Kiwi 3 Tier Pantry $99.99
    SKU: 9043853 | Supplier Code: KC024-602 Quick View

    A convenient, one piece shelving unit with three solid fibreboard shelves.

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    Coleman CPX 6 Classic LED Lantern $69.99
    SKU: 8697070 | Supplier Code: COCLBN405XXXXX Quick View

    A world first, this technology not only allows you to use power packs across multiple products, it also gives you the choice on how you wish to power your product - rechargeable or battery operated.

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    Coleman CPX 4.5 LED Tent Light $49.99
    SKU: 7884018 | Supplier Code: COCLB1100XXXXX Quick View
    The fun lasts longer when you illuminate the night with a Coleman® CPX™ 4.5 Magnetic Tent Light. It's incredibly versatile, with multi-axis rotation to aim light where you need it with four light modes: high, low, amber nightlight and off. CPX™ 4.5 technology lets you choose your power: three AAA-cell batteries or one CPX™ 4.5 rechargeable power cartridge (sold separately). A battery meter even tells you when you're running low on power. The damage-resistant magnet attaches the light to any tent.


    CPX™ 4.5 compatible, powered by 3AAA cell batteries or one rechargeable cartridge (both sold separately)

    Damage-resistant magentic system attaches to any tent or portable shelter without tools

    Multi-axis rotation allows you to aim light where you need it

    Four light modes: high, low, amber nightlight and off

    Powered by rechargeable CPX™ 4.5 cartridge or three AAA-cell batteries, both sold separately

    Up to 15-hr. runtime

    Up to 60 lumens of light

    Water-resistant design

    1-year limited warranty

    Tent light is approximately 2.75 in. (7 cm) sideways, 5 in. (12.7 cm) tall standing up

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    Coleman Hot Water on Demand Spray Adaptor $34.99
    SKU: 5685854 | Supplier Code: COCFH1198XXXXX Quick View

    Use with Hot Water on Demand™ for a hot shower away from home

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    Kiwi Camping
    Kiwi Camp Table $49.99
    SKU: 9043858 | Supplier Code: KC024-513 Quick View

    A handy, folding camp table with durable white fibreboard top.

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    Kiwi Camping
    Kiwi 6 Tier Table with Pantry $179.99
    SKU: 9043837 | Supplier Code: KC024-608 Quick View

    Large, easy-to-assemble pantry with six shelves and a hard top.

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