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2 Products Available
Sodastream Source 60 Litre Starter Pack - White
SKU: 8492001 | Supplier Code: 1019511644 Quick View

SodaStream soda machines allow you to make your own soda at home simply and easily. All SodaStream machine use carbonating C02 canisters that turn regular tap water into fizzy sparkling water, then by simply adding some soda concentrate from SodaStream you can make your own bottled soda.

The soda from SodaStream uses no High Fructose Corn Syrup and is half the calories, half the sugar, half the sodium, and half of almost everything compared to store bought bottle soda. The SodaStream product will hold its fizz for up to 2 full weeks.

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$199.00 $159.00
Sodastream Power 60 Litre Starter Pack - Black
SKU: 9034233 | Supplier Code: 1019811611 Quick View

The POWER is in your hands. Effortless, convenient and perfectly precise the POWER automatic sparkling water maker makes water more exciting with the touch of a button.

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$299.00 $249.00