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Find the latest technology in double-door and top- or bottom-mount fridge freezers, bar fridges and chest or vertical freezers to fit your needs and keep all your food fresh.

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Impeccable Exterior Design
With a Pocket Handle, new Hidden Button to access the Door-In-Door® panel and 665 litres of total capacity, enjoy the convenience and storage of this Side by Side refrigerator.

Easy Access Door-in-Door®
For those fly-by visits to the refrigerator, the Door-in-Door® feature allows easy access to your favourite snacks and beverages with a quick push of the Hidden Button. The Door-in-Door® design reduces exposure of the entire fridge cavity minimising cold air loss.¹ Up to 41% less cold air loss¹

Tall Ice & Water Dispenser
The design of the water and ice dispenser makes it easy to fill tall containers. Digital controls make it easy to see the fridge settings.

FRESH Balancer®
Prolong the life of your fruits and vegetables by optimising the humidity levels in the Fresh Balancer®

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Samsung 329L Bottom Mount Fridge Freezer - SRL325DMB $1,349.00
SKU: 9059835 | Supplier Code: RB30N4160B1/SA Quick View

Optimal Fresh zone
The Optimal Fresh Zone allows you to adjust the temperature to store food for longer without freezing*. With a range from -3C for meat to 9C for fruit and vegetables, it suits any occasion.
* Tested by Intertek with RB30N4180B1. Applies when set as MAX mode. Results may vary upon degree of freshness before storage, usage circumstances, etc

Digital Inverter
The Digital Inverter compressor automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demands, which in turn uses less energy, minimises noise and reduces wear and tear.*
*When compared with equivalent capacity cyclical compressor.

Power Deodoriser
The Power Deodoriser is an activated carbon filter which helps to clean the air inside the fridge to help minimise unwanted smells and odour transfer between foods.

Flat Door Design
The sleek design creates a clean and contemporary look that enhances your kitchen. The minimalist finish fits seamlessly into any living space.

Water Dispenser
Enjoy cold water via the built-in easy access dispenser. Simply fill its 2L water tank with water and access it from the dispenser that’s conveniently and ergonomically located in the door, at waist level.

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Haier 233L Bottom Mount Fridge Freezer - HRB227W $699.00
SKU: 8784993 | Supplier Code: 61199 Quick View

This 233L compact fridge freezer from Haier will be a sophisticated addition to your kitchen.

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The Large Capacity CX Two Drawer Range is now perfect for the modern kiwi lifestyle. With stunning flat panel design, Inverter Technology, and with a widith of 700mm - this frifges is big enough to fit a whole week's worth of shopping.

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Samsung 696L Matte Silver Side by Side Fridge Freezer - SRS694NLS $2,099.00
SKU: 9057991 | Supplier Code: RS62R5011M9/SA Quick View

SpaceMax™ Technology
Store more food with a very spacious 696 litre* interior. Its unique SpaceMax™ technology enables the walls to be thinner by using a high-efficiency insulation, creating more storage space without increasing the external dimensions.

All Around Cooling
Cools your food evenly wherever it is in the fridge. All-around Cooling actively checks the temperature and distributes air evenly from corner to corner.

Sleek & Seamless Design
Give your home a stylishly, modern look. Its sleek and seamless design blends into your cabinetry to create a harmonious kitchen interior. It also has beautiful flat doors with recessed handles that don't protrude into your living space.

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Samsung 583L Black French Door Fridge Freezer - SRF582DBLS $2,099.00
SKU: 9050213 | Supplier Code: RF67QESG1/XSA Quick View

Keep food fresh for longer with Twin Cooling ™
Twin Cooling™ with separate cooling systems in the fridge and freezer help maintain the temperature control and minimise the mixing of odours.

Sleek black layered steel finish with Counter-Depth design
The sleek black layered steel finish with counter-depth design will make your fridge the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Just easier EZ-open handle
Opening the freezer just got easier with Samsung's new EZ-Open Handle. Simply lift and pull the handle to open.

583L Samsung French Door ,DIM, Twin Cooling, Multi Flow, Counter Depth, Auto Ice Maker, Non plumbed Water Dispenser, Pull Type Freezer Door

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Samsung 304L Bottom Mount Fridge - SRL304NW $999.00
SKU: 9054068 | Supplier Code: RB27N4020WW/SA Quick View

The New Kiwi Fridge, built overseas to meet standard NZ Kitchen specifications.

Optimal Fresh zone
The Optimal Fresh Zone allows you to adjust the temperature to store food for longer without freezing. With a range from -3C for meat to 9C for fruit and vegetables, it suits any occasion.

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LG 570L Slim French Door Fridge Freezer - GFL570MBL $3,549.00
SKU: 9058433 | Supplier Code: GF-L570MBL Quick View

Slim Width for a Slim Fit
Now you can own a beautiful LG French Door Fridge without renovating your entire kitchen or fridge alcove. The new 835mm wide Slim French Door Fridge is designed to fit alcoves as narrow as 850mm in width.

Keep Food Fresh for Longer
The LG Inverter Linear Compressor helps maintain the appearance and taste of fresh products for longer by reducing temperature fluctuations.

Fast Cooling for Stored Door Items
Air vents located at the front of the fridge direct cool air onto food items stored in the door area.

Reduce Fridge Odours with Pure N Fresh
Minimise refrigerator odours with this air filtration system. A fan actively forces air through the carbon deodoriser and re-circulates it back across the shelves.

10 Year Warranty On Linear Compressor
With less vibration, moving parts and noise than a conventional LG compressor system, the LG Inverter Linear Compressor is quieter and more durable. As the Inverter Linear Compressor is the heart of your refrigerator we back this with a 10 year parts warranty on the compressor.¹ ¹ 2 Years parts and labour on the product + 3 years on sealed refrigeration system (compressor, evaporator, dryer and tubing) parts only + 5 years on compressor (part only).

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LG 677L French Door Fridge Freezer - GF-L677SL $3,499.00
SKU: 9058434 | Supplier Code: GF-L677SL Quick View

• 683L Capacity
• 10 Year Parts Warrant on Linear Compressor
• Dual Ice Makers – Slim In door ice maker and located in the freezer.
• Door Cooling+
• Stainless Steel Finish

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Samsung 346L 1 Door Vertical Freezer - SFP346RS $1,849.00
SKU: 9037860 | Supplier Code: RZ32M71157F/SA Quick View

More space inside
Has a large capacity, but in a Cabinet Fit design that will fit harmoniously into your existing kitchen. There’s plenty of room to store your weekly grocery shopping.

No more frost & ice
No Frost technology enhances the circulation of air to maintain a constant temperature in every corner of the refrigerator, which prevents the build up of frost and ice.

Cools every corner
The All-around Cooling system continually monitors temperature fluctuations and cools the fridge evenly from corner to corner. Cold air is blown out through multiple vents on every shelf level to create a multi-directional airflow, so it helps to maintain a constant temperature.

Fast cool & freeze
Delivers a rapid cooling performance to chill beverages and create ice. At the touch of a button, Power Cool blows intensely cold air into the fridge, so food and drinks are quickly chilled. And Power Freeze is great for freezing or firming up frozen food like ice cream or making more ice.

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ActiveSmart™ Foodcare
ActiveSmart™ Foodcare learns how you live. It’s technology which understands how you use your fridge and adjusts temperature, airflow and humidity inside to help keep food fresher for longer.

Designed to match
With their premium handle styling and stainless steel finish, our fridges are designed to match the rest of Fisher & Paykel's kitchen appliance family.

Humidity control
Your fruit and veges need different environments. The humidity control slides in each storage bin create a microclimate that helps keep food fresher for longer.

Simple storage
There are multiple storage options for you to choose from. Different sized adjustable shelves and door storage give you plenty of room to stack and pack all your groceries. Storage bins give you full access inside when they’re pulled open and can be easily removed to clean.

Clever energy
Your fridge adapts to daily use by cooling and defrosting only when needed. This means your fridge uses the energy it needs without compromising on food care.

Easy cleaning
No more permanent dirty marks with our EZKleen feature for stainless steel fridges. Anti-fingerprint coating means you simply wipe clean any marks. Spill-safe secure glass shelves easily capture any drips or leaks.

Design quality
Our fridges are designed and built using quality materials. We use real stainless steel on our fridges and solid glass for shelving.

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Haier 221L Top Mount Fridge Freezer - HRF220TW $699.00
SKU: 9045354 | Supplier Code: 61249 Quick View

This white Haier 221L top mount fridge freezer comes with a slide-out chilled storage compartment for easy access, a large removable fresh food crisper, spill-proof safety glass shelves, and it is all brought to light with the LED interior light.

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LG 454L Platinum Bottom Mount Fridge Freezer - GB455PL $1,729.00
SKU: 9058092 | Supplier Code: GB-455PL Quick View

4½ Star Rating With Inverter Linear Compressor
With less vibration, moving parts and noise than a conventional LG compressor system, the 454L fridge adds to the range of bottom mount 4½ star energy rating fridges. As the Inverter Linear Compressor is the heart of your refrigerator we back this with a *10 year parts warranty on the compressor.

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Haier 143L Chest Freezer - HCF143 $629.00
SKU: 9029363 | Supplier Code: 61230 Quick View

Haier chest freezers are the ideal everyday freezers. Practical, energy efficient and available in a range of sizes, Haier Freezers are ideal for all frozen storage needs.

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Samsung 662L Family Hub French Door Fridge - SRF662BFH4 $6,299.00
SKU: 9061180 | Supplier Code: RF22R7551SG/SA Quick View

Family Board
Co-ordinate your family life by sharing news, calendars, messages and special moments on the Family Board. Simply use the home screen or your compatible smartphone and synchronise them to with the Family Hub. You can show photos, post stickers, draw pictures and type or hand-write notes. You can even add a music player.

SmartView (Phone/TV Mirroring)
Watch mobile content or TV programs while cooking. The SmartThings App can display what’s on your compatible smartphone* or Samsung Smart TV** without having to buy or install any additional software. Simply open the app, choose a smart device or TV and both screens will instantly show the same content.

TuneIn / Spotify (Music & Radio)
Enhance your cooking pleasure and entertain yourself and your guests. Enjoy seamless music listening to your favourite playlists or stream non-stop entertainment with global radio stations, news, podcasts and comedy shows on TuneIn.

High quality, built-in speaker
Enrich the entertainment in your kitchen with quality sound. The built-in premium speaker will fill your kitchen with 25 watts* of sound that’s deep in bass and rich in mid-range. You can now enjoy music, radio, and TV shows without needing additional speakers. *SRF662BFH4 model only

View what's inside your fridge anywhere
See what’s in the fridge anytime, anywhere on your compatible smartphone or using the home screen. The internal cameras allow you to view what food you have, while you’re shopping. You can also tag each food item's expiration date, create a shopping lists, food memos or reminders.

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Samsung 533L French Door Fridge Freezer - SRF533DLS $1,999.00
SKU: 9044499 | Supplier Code: RF62JBSL1/XSA Quick View

Non Plumbed Built in Water Dispenser
Convenient and great for entertaining. Simply fill up the container and enjoy chilled water, straight from the door.

Keep food in peak condition with Twin Cooling®.
Keeping food in peak condition starts with Twin Cooling™. Our Twin Cooling™ technology cools your refrigerator and freezer separately, with outstanding temperature and humidity to help minimise the mixing of odours.

Enjoy 2.5 Star Energy Efficiency
This refrigerator has a 2.5 Star Energy Efficiency rating.

Peace of mind
A digital inverter compressor powers this refrigerator. It is designed to be brushless, durable and has a low noise level while operating. We help provide peace of mind with a 10 year parts warranty on the digital inverter compressor.*

Keeping foods in peak condition starts with Twin Cooling™. Our Twin Cooling™ technology cools your refrigerator and freezer separately, whilst helping outstanding temperature and humidity control to help minimise the mixing of odours.

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Beko 450L Bottom Mount Fridge Freezer - BBM450AN $1,449.00
SKU: 9058919 | Supplier Code: BBM450AN Quick View

Beko’s 450L Bottom Mount Fridge offers a host of helpful features designed to take great care of your food and the anthracite colour will compliment your kitchen.

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LG 454L Black Bottom Mount Fridge Freezer - GB455MBL $1,799.00
SKU: 9058091 | Supplier Code: GB-455MBL Quick View

4½ Star Rating With Inverter Linear Compressor
With less vibration, moving parts and noise than a conventional LG compressor system, the 454L fridge adds to the range of bottom mount 4½ star energy rating fridges. As the Inverter Linear Compressor is the heart of your refrigerator we back this with a *10 year parts warranty on the compressor.

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Beko 407L Platinum Bottom Mount Fridge/Freezer - BBM407PX $1,299.00
SKU: 9046956 | Supplier Code: BBM407PX Quick View

Beko active fresh blue light technology,
the process of photosynthesis continues in the fridge which prolongs the storage life of fresh fruit and vegetables while maintaining their natural flavours and nutritional elements.

NeoFrost Cooling Technology,
Two separate cooling systems help to maintain optimal humidity and freshness and ensures there are no transfer of odours between the fridge and freezer.

IonGuardNegative ions will neutralise the bacteria that cause odours. So thanks to the inbuilt odour-removal, even your taste in cheese won’t smell out the fridge.

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Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Electric 160L Upright Freezer - MF-U160C-W $949.00
SKU: 9063448 | Supplier Code: 139338 Quick View

Frost Free Freezer
Say goodbye to manually defrosting your freezer. The Mitsubishi Electric Frost Free Freezer automatically prevents ice build up.

Slimline Upright Design
The modern Slimline Design features a door that swings back to 90 degrees, allowing for the easy removal of drawers for cleaning.

Transparent Drawers
Allow for quick and easy selection of items, minimising the amount of time spent with the door open, reducing the loss of cold air, saving energy.

Rapid Freeze Mode
To freeze items quickly, simply press the “Rapid Freeze” button to activate the special fast-freeze cycle, locking in freshness.

Designed for Convenience
The External Temperature Control Panel allows adjustments to be made easily without losing cool air.
The Multi Purpose Sliding Cases keep the freezer cooler by minimising loss of cool air.
The Aluminium Tray speeds up freezing time, and is especially effective for quickly freezing large bulky items when using Rapid Freeze Mode.

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