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51 Products Available
Electrolux Ergorapido Allergy 18V Handheld Vacuum - ZB3311 $599.00
SKU: 9047085 | Supplier Code: ZB3311 Quick View

Long life 18V Lithium Ion battery, up to approximately 48 minute run time, 4 hour charge time, 180° EasySteer™ manoeuvrability, brush roll clean™, allergy filter, self standing, dustspotter LED lights on nozzle

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Electrolux UltraSilencer Pet Lover Vacuum Cleaner - ZUS4065PET $397.00
SKU: 8407595 | Supplier Code: ZUS4065PET Quick View

UltraSilencer features silent air technology at only 65dB(A), allowing you to vacuum without disturbing others. It has been rated 5-star for dust pick up and filtration, which ensures powerful performance. Additionally, the pet lover model comes with an upholstery turbo nozzle designed to easily remove pet hair from furniture.

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Electrolux 8kg Condenser Dryer - EDC2086GDW
SKU: 9013566 | Supplier Code: EDC2086GDW Quick View

8kg Intuitive Condenser Dryer with 2 Stars Energy rating, Advanced Sensor Dry, Woolmark certified, reverse tumbling action and Refresh cycle.

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Long life 14.4V Lithium Ion battery, up to approximately 42 minute run time, 4 hour charge time, 180° EasySteer™ manouvrability, brush roll clean™, allergy filter, self standing, dustspotter LED lights on nozzle, upholstery nozzle, flexi hose, long crevice, storage bag, bed pro mini

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Electrolux Ultraflex Animal Allergy Vacuum Cleaner - ZUF4303PET $447.00
SKU: 9033875 | Supplier Code: ZUF4303PET Quick View

UltraFlex uses a range of HEPA filters in combination with a completely sealed system to ensure dust or micro-particles don't leak throughout the machine.

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Designed for the way we live today. A cordless that leaves your home impeccably clean on a single charge. With the performance of a traditional vacuum cleaner.*
*Cleans up to 80 m2 floor on max power setting on one charge and fulfills the Commission Regulation (EU) No 666/2013 on ecodesign requirements for corded vacuum cleaners on carpets.

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Electrolux ErgoRapido Allergy 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum - ZB3301 $499.00
SKU: 9057901 | Supplier Code: ZB3301 Quick View

The new generation of Ergorapido makes it easier to clean Anywhere. Anytime. In no time. It is the only high performance 2 in 1 cordless vacuum cleaner with 180° EasySteer™ maneuverability and BrushRollClean™ that gives you the feeling of clean, everyday.

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Electrolux Pure F9 Animal Handstick Vacuum Cleaner - Chilli Red $1,199.00
SKU: 9057162 | Supplier Code: PF91-6PR Quick View

Designed for the way we live today. A cordless that leaves your home impeccably clean on a single charge. With the performance of a traditional vacuum cleaner.*
*Cleans up to 80 m2 floor on max power setting on one charge and fulfills the Commission Regulation (EU) No 666/2013 on ecodesign requirements for corded vacuum cleaners on carpets.

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Electrolux Pure D9™ Hygiene Vacuum Cleaner
SKU: 9054060 | Supplier Code: PD91-6ST Quick View

A great unit for any one who likes their place ‘spick and span’. Take comfort in cleaning your home with a top class filtration system that captures 99.95% of dust and allergens. Enjoy an effortless cleaning experience with the FlowMotion system enabling smooth and effortless manoeuvrability around your home. You lead, it follows.

The new Pure D9 with FlowMotion system - XL Easy-Roll wheels, patented nozzle and PureFlow Technology enable exceptionally smooth and effortless cleaning around your home.

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Electrolux Pure D9™ Animal Vacuum Cleaner $799.00
SKU: 9054059 | Supplier Code: PD91-ANIMA Quick View

Keep your house healthy and clean, and free of pet hair thanks to a top class filtration system capturing 99.95% of dust and allergens. You’ll enjoy a superior cleaning performance on all surfaces with the FlowMotion System enabling smooth and effortless manoeuvrability around your home. You lead, it follows.

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Electrolux 10kg UltimateCare Front Load Washing Machine - EWF14013 $2,479.00
SKU: 9044151 | Supplier Code: EWF14013 Quick View

The 5 energy stars rated, 10kg washing machine comes with the UltraMix feature to give you a gentler clean at lower temperatures. The premium feature includes Load Sensor, LED drum light, Vapour Refresh, Time Manager, EcoInverter motor and Woolmark accreditation.

Enjoy a gentler clean with UltraMix technology
UltraMix pre-mixes water and detergent in a special chamber before the beginning of the cycle to maximise cleaning power at a lower temperature, to ensure your clothes stay newer for longer.

Load Sensor
Designed for an unsurpassed performance, the Load Sensor feature conveniently displays the laundry weight of every wash. This ensures you get the most out of each load with optimal time, water and energy efficiency. Now you can always wash at full capacity, avoid overloading your machine and even save on the number of washes you do each week.

Vapour Refresh
Vapour Refresh quickly freshens and gently revives your garments without washing. This innovative program removes wrinkles, odours and reduces the need for ironing to give you better care for your clothes to keep them bright and stylish.

Time Manager
Created to adapt to busy lifestyles, Time Manager puts you in control of every wash. Featuring both a variable wash time and delayed start, this convenient feature lets you select the time you want your wash to end. You can do your wash whenever it suits you. There is even an 18-minute Quick Wash for those lightly soiled items that you need washed super fast.

Woolmark Apparel Care
Taking care of your precious woollen garments is now even easier with our advanced Woolmark Certified Woollen cycle. Created especially for machine washable woollen garments, you can now safely dry your woollens without shrinkage.

Whisper-quiet efficiency with EcoInverter motor
Our new generation EcoInverter motor is quiet, durable and backed by a 10-year warranty (motor parts only), for peace of mind. You'll enjoy seamless results with lower energy consumption.

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Electrolux AeroPro Turbo Brush $119.00
SKU: 9029951 | Supplier Code: ZE119 Quick View

The AeroPro Turbo Nozzle - ZE119 is an extremely powerful turbine driven brush which reaches deep into carpet and remove fibres and pet hair. The opening window on the top allows you to remove dirt stuck on the brush of the nozzle.

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Electrolux 6kg Vented Tumble Dryer - EDV605HQWA $849.00
SKU: 9058143 | Supplier Code: EDV605HQWA Quick View

6.0kg vented tumble dryer comes with SensorDry technology to gently dry your garments for an exceptional result. Other features include ideal temperature settings, Fast 40 program, reverse tumbling action and anti-crease option.

Sensor Dry
Sensor Dry gently and precisely dries your garments for exceptional results. This easy-to-use program will also save you precious time and energy.

Efficient Reverse Tumbling Action
The tumble action alternates clockwise to anti-clockwise, reducing clothes tangling and bunching, so they dry evenly and quicker.

Save time with the Fast 40 program
Dry your smaller loads within 4 minutes, for those times you just need to get things done quickly.

Ideal temperature settings top suit different loads
With four settings, even your most precious items are in safe hands. Choose from the airing setting for uncomplicated aeration, low heat setting for your delicate, normal setting for regular loads, or use the boost setting for heavier loads.

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Electrolux Rapido 18V Hand Vacuum - ZB6118 $199.00
SKU: 9057902 | Supplier Code: ZB6118 Quick View

Always within reach, Rapido is a handheld vacuum cleaner ideal for the quick and convenient clean up of unexpected dry spills. The new generation is coupled with thoughtful features such as the pull-out nozzle which extends cleaning reach and felt-covered nozzle wheels to avoid scratching delicate surfaces.

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Electrolux Pure i9 Robot Vacuum $1,999.00
SKU: 9050057 | Supplier Code: PI91-5SGM Quick View

The future of clean.
With the Electrolux Pure i9 working at home you can be elsewhere, or doing other things. It’s the world’s smartest robotic floor cleaner.

Cleans further into corners
Pure i9 reaches areas other robotic vacuums can’t. The triangular Trinity Shape™, PureFlow technology, and super efficient side PowerBrush™ combine to clean every corner of your home.

Vacuum from anywhere
The Pure i9 mobile app allows you to start, stop, schedule and monitor the robot from wherever you are. You can customise a cleaning schedule and operate remotely at anytime, always returning to a beautifully clean home.

Smart charge & resume
When it’s time to recharge, the Pure i9 will dock itself, then resume cleaning to get the job finished. It can return to recharge twice during a job, returning to the dock to stay the third time.

Self-sufficient cleaning
Electrolux Pure i9 uses the exclusive 3D Vision System™ (a combination of lasers and camera) to map your home’s layout, detect obstacles and navigate around them. It won’t get stuck under furniture, fall down stairs, suck up socks or wake your pets.

Powerful suction & flow
PureFlow technology ensures maximum dust pick up. Super strong airflow powered by a brushless motor, together with a XXL wide brush roll and XXL filter ensures optimum suction on all floor types.

Reach more rooms
Exclusive ClimbForceDrive™ enables climbing up to 2.2cm high obstacles without getting stuck. So transitioning from hard floors up to carpets and rugs is a breeze.

More power for longer
Lithium TurboPower batteries deliver more power for longer and a longer battery lifetime.

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Electrolux UltraFlex Starter Kit $49.99
SKU: 9029813 | Supplier Code: USK11ANZ Quick View
Electrolux 80cm Integrated Range Hood - ERI712SA $689.00
SKU: 9036076 | Supplier Code: ERI712SA Quick View

80cm (nominal) integrated range hood, push button electronic controls, 3 speed with boost, 720m3/h, 2 x LED lights

Clean the Air
Maintain a clean fresh air in your kitchen with powerful centrifugal extraction. Multi-layered micro-mesh filters effectively capture and extract grease, while optional carbon filters remove cooking odours leaving your kitchen fresh

Improves air quality
This stainless steel rangehood quietly and effectively removes cooking odours, smoke and steam.

Elegantly compact
Perfect for a smaller kitchen.

Washable filters
Removable filters are dishwasher safe for efficient cleaning.

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Electrolux Pure i9 Performance Kit $159.00
SKU: 9050058 | Supplier Code: ERK2 Quick View

Keep your PUREi9™ in top condition - PUREi9™ Performance Kit containing 3 PowerBrush™ side brushes, 3 washable XXL filters and one main brush to keep your PUREi9™ robot in best condition, ensuring you top cleaning results

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Electrolux Pure C9 Animal Vacuum Cleaner $899.00
SKU: 9057161 | Supplier Code: PC91-ANIMA Quick View

Effortless maintenance
One access point for all filters for effortless maintenance.

Easy Empty system
Controlled emptying system that hygienically disposes of dust away from you.

Easy-roll wheels
With extra large wheels and precision handling, the Pure C9 follows you around the home effortlessly.

7-Stage filtration
Backed by the 3D fine dust and lifetime HEPA filter to ensure only clean air is released back into your home.

Sealed filtration system
Tight seals throughout the entire system minimizes lose of suction whilst maximizing filtration.

Powerful suction
155km air speed ensures dust is efficiently collected.

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Electrolux Clean & Tidy Kit $129.00
SKU: 9029953 | Supplier Code: KIT12 Quick View

The Clean & Tidy - KIT12 gives you an additional tool for above-the-floor surfaces in and around your home. It removes fine particles and dust from delicate surfaces and can easily reach into corners and narrow spaces. The MiniTurbo tool enables you to clean difficult areas such as stairs and car seats.

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