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37 Products Available
Remote Control The Beast Car 1:20 $79.99
SKU: 9061270 | Supplier Code: 2006GR Quick View
Boogie Board Magic Sketch $69.99
SKU: 9054908 | Supplier Code: J3MS60001 Quick View

The brand new Magic Sketch is now here! With the exciting new Colour burst technology, it will keep kids interested for hours! The see-through screen makes it great for tracing - study maths, practice letters, trace your favourite comic book heroes and more! Perfect for long car rides. The case and LCD are made from durable plastic materials. Liquid crystal screen that writes just like a pen or paper and erases with the touch of a button. Includes 4 stylus and 18 stencils.

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Remote Control Electric Desert Truck 1:24 $69.99
SKU: 9061272 | Supplier Code: HB-SM2401B GRE Quick View
Drawbot Robot $29.99
SKU: 9061260 | Supplier Code: DB1-1, 2-1, 3- Quick View
Mini Stunt Car Transformation $34.99
SKU: 9061266 | Supplier Code: YD015767-TRANS Quick View

For all online orders a colour will be selected at random

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Intelligent Deformation Robot 7 $99.99
SKU: 9061264 | Supplier Code: K4 ROBOT Quick View

K4 robot is an intelligent RC robot and will create a lot of fun for kids.

It can walk forward/ backward, slide forward/ backward, turn left/ right, dance, robot language ,patrol.

It can be deformation by fingerprinting, one touch to demo.

Dancing mode: Press "Music" button and the robot will begin to dance along with music

Auto Demo: Press "Demo" button and the robot will execute immediately and display movement.

Flexible multi-joint: With flexible multi-joint in shoulders and elbows the robot can carry out various combination of moves.

Easy to control: With simple remote control operation you will enjoy.

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Drone Dragonfly 4CH R/C Quadcopter with Wifi Camera $149.00
SKU: 9061262 | Supplier Code: X FIGHTER Quick View
Touch Sensitive AI Robot Friend $19.99
SKU: 9061275 | Supplier Code: MY66-Q1202 Quick View
Jellyfish Indoor Drone $79.99
SKU: 9061261 | Supplier Code: U63 JELLYFISH Quick View
Tobbie II Octo Robot $159.00
SKU: 9061274 | Supplier Code: 21-894 Quick View

Tobbie II coming back with a bang! Now its comes with new hardware, Micro: bit Kit. Tobbie now not only can follow but also can teach young children how to code. Equipped with 5x5 programmable LEDs, switches, temperature sensors, and more! Tobbie is a small toy packed with large potential, and your child is here to realize it.

Coding with Micro:bit: Micro:bit is a well-supported ecosystem as a tool to introduce children to coding by BBC, UK. Programming with Micro:bit means your child will be taught with a clear and concise lesson plan, various platforms to code on and a warming community that will answer any questions.

Mobile App Supported: You can programming Tobbie II so it can follow your command from your Smartphone. Currently, Tobbie II can only communicate with Android Devices, but soon it will talk to iOS devices as well!

Limitless possibilities with Tobbie II: With an accessible coding platform, your child can run many fun games with Tobbies II, such as Rock, Paper, Scissor, Bowling Game or Guess the Number. More than just a teaching how-to-code device, Tobbie II equipped with heat sensors and compass module that allow your child to use Tobbie as temperature detection or compass. This adds up and brings more fun than ever to any future programmer!

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Fighting Robots $109.00
SKU: 9061263 | Supplier Code: 174820 Quick View
Remote Control Euro Style Racing Car 1:14 $39.99
SKU: 9061268 | Supplier Code: 698CW Quick View
Drawbot Robot Builder with 140pc Puzzle $44.99
SKU: 9061259 | Supplier Code: DB1-2 Quick View
Steam Education
Strawbees Imagination Kit $79.99
SKU: 9054854 | Supplier Code: 4124837 Quick View

Practice storytelling and problem-solving challenges with the Imagination Kit. Included are 400 pieces, a Pocketful of Ideas card deck, and an imagination sketchbook with instructions. Sketch a solution to a challenge, build a prototype, and watch your ideas come to life!

*The colour of the Strawbees and the construction straws might vary.

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Remote Control Drift Rock Crawler Dancing Buggy $119.00
SKU: 9061267 | Supplier Code: DRIFTING ROCK Quick View
Boogie Board Play n Trace $89.99
SKU: 9061256 | Supplier Code: PL0360002 Quick View

No other product in the world creates a natural pen on paper experience like Boogie Board eWriters

This is the first model to feature this advancement in eWriter technology. The translucent writing surface is designed into an artist's pallet, making it comfortable for hands of all sizes. The durable design allows kids to write, trace and draw anywhere, anything, over and over without the waste of paper. When kids write, they learn.

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Offroad Rock Crawler Remote Control 1:14 $79.99
SKU: 9061269 | Supplier Code: YD898-MT1983 G Quick View
Steam Education
Strawbees Inventor Kit $59.99
SKU: 9054855 | Supplier Code: 4028720 Quick View

Level up with the Inventor kit! Dive into the next iteration and make bigger polyhedra or a catapult. With 450 pieces and 21 fun maker projects, you’ll have enough pieces to start inventing larger projects with your friends!

*The colour of the Strawbees and the construction straws might vary.

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Steam Education
Strawbees Maker Kit $39.99
SKU: 9054856 | Supplier Code: 4028719 Quick View

Find the maker in you! The Maker kit is the perfect introduction to building with Strawbees. With 200 pieces and an instruction manual with 16 projects, you can start exploring the Strawbees universe by building geometric shapes or your favorite animal.

*The colour of the Strawbees and the construction straws might vary.

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The Little Rockerz Costume headphones display features which enhance the listening experience. Due to a built-in volume limiter the headphone volume won’t go above 85 decibels. With options for boys and girls, kids can choose the costume that best fits their personality.

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